Deepen Your Lure Knowledge​


Chatterbaits are bladed swim jigs that generate reaction strikes.


Hard bodied, billed bait that dives while being retrieved.


Hard-bodied, suspending bait that mimics darting bait fish.


Weighted hook with skirt, often paired with soft plastic trailers.


Soft plastics can be used as main bait or as a trailer.


Wired jig bait with blades that create flash & vibration.


Large bait fish lures designed to draw in huge bass.


Floating lures that generate exciting jumping strikes.

Freshwater Species

For a complete guide on popular freshwater fish and how to identify them, view our fish identifier.

Largemouth bass, channel catfish, black crappie, brown trout, bluegill, and common carp lined up on a white background

Bass | Catfish | Crappie | Panfish | Trout

Learn a New Technique

Alabama Rig

Multi bait rig design to mimic a small school of bait fish.

Carolina Rig

A weighted mainline that allows bait to be weightless.


Keeps your bait suspended at varying heights off the bottom.

Ned Rig

Ultra finesse technique that uses small compact baits.

Neko Rig

Stick bait that is weighted on one end to create uneven flutter.

Texas Rig

Weedless rig that can be fished weighted or weightless.

Wacky Rig

Stick bait hooked in middle so both ends subtly flutter as it sinks.

Tokyo Rig

Hook with a wire dropper that puts the weight below the hook.

Fishing Line

Fishing line provides the connection between you and your bait. There are three types, each with their own unique benefits.


Braided line is the strongest line by diameter. It is the most visible and has the least amount of stretch.


Fluorocarbon line is the least visible line. It sinks, has a minimal amount of stretch, and is fairly sensitive.


Monofilament line has the most stretch. It’s buoyant, has the most memory, is mostly invisible.

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