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Ned Rig Fishing Guide

The ned rig is an ultra finesse technique that is thrown on a spinning rod. style bait that has been gaining in popularity over the last few years. It is an amazing finesse technique that consistently puts fish in the boat, even in the toughest conditions. 

It is used in cold water situations or tough fishing conditions when bass do not want to eat. So what is a ned rig? It is a small bait about 2″ – 3″ on a mushroom-style jig head with an exposed finesse hook.

When rigging your worm put a little super glue on the jig head and slide the worm all the way down. This will increase the durability and make your baits go a long way. This makes the ned rig great for new anglers or anyone on a budget.

When to Fish a Ned Rig

The ned rig really shines during colder months when fish slow down and are looking for more subtle baits. They can work year-round though and are great when you just can’t get bites on anything else.

The other great time to throw a ned rig is in clear water. In clear water, you typically have to use more subtle techniques. Clearwater allows fish to see the small bait even if they are 10-15ft away.

Best Time to Throw a Ned Rig

  • Coldwater
  • Clearwater
  • When you can’t get bites on anything else.

Where to Throw a Ned Rig

Most ned rigs are fished with an exposed hook along the bottom. Because of this, they are prone to get hung up if fished in heavy cover. Ned rigs work best when fished in open water or near cover.

Ned rigs are one of the few baits that work great in flat open bottoms without any cover. Their subtle action stands out in the openness without looking unnatural.

They are also great baits for targeting high percentage areas near cover that are likely to be holding bass. You can make a few casts targeting different angles of the cover and slowly work your ned rig. Once your bait is a few feet away from the cover, quickly reel it back in and cast again or move to the next high percentage area.

This is what makes the ned rig so effective. You spend most of your time targeting high percentage areas.

How to Fish a Ned Rig

The key to fishing a ned rig is not to overwork it. The most simple way to fish it is to cast it out, let it fall, and slowly drag it back. With this method you don’t have to do much with your rod tip, the current and water movement will produce the action on the worm tail. This makes it an excellent fishing bait for beginners.

Another way to fish a ned rig is to hop them along bottom. To pop them off the bottom give your rod tip 2-3 subtle lifts then wait for your bait to fall back down to the bottom. As your bait falls back to the bottom slowly reel up any line slack.

How to Work & Retrieve a Ned Rig

  • Drag along bottom
  • Hop it along the bottom

What Line to Use When Fishing a Ned Rig

I fish ned rigs on a spinning rod with 20lb braid and a 8 foot 6lb fluorocarbon leader. The braid mainline provides great casting distance and enough sensitivity to detect even the most subtle bites.

The 8 foot fluoro leader makes your line near-invisible close to your bait even in the clearest water.

Final Thoughts

The ned rig is a great consistent technique to use when you need bites. It’s great for beginners that just want to a bunch of fish and also tournament anglers who need to catch one more quick fish.

It is also great when the weather is off and the bass are being picky. It is a tried and true fish producing technique. If you aren’t throwing a ned rig then you are missing out.

Gear Up for Ned Rig Fishing

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tie on a ned rig?

When tying on a ned rig I always use a palomar knot. It is super easy and quick to tie, especially on smaller lures like a ned rig.