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Best Ned Rig Baits & Colors

For many years Z-Man was the only company that made ned rig baits. This made purchasing ned rig tackle very easy, you only had one choice. Now with the growing popularity, just about every bait company has a ned bait of their own.

This is great and anglers now have more specialized baits for specific situations but it also complicates the tackle buying process.

In this guide, I try to make that process easier by recommending specific baits, colors, and ned heads that I have used and been successful with.

Best Ned Rig Worms

1. Z-Man Finesse TRD

The Z-Man Finesse TRD is the original ned rig worm that started it all. It is a 3″ stick worm made of ElaZtech plastic. The ElaZtech makes the bait super durable and stretchy which allows you to use the same bait for multiple bites. You can increase the durability further by adding a drop of super glue to the ned head as you rig the worm on. This will keep the worm from sliding on the hook.

Colors: Green Pumpkin

Warning: ElaZtech plastic baits will melt other soft plastics if they are stored together. Keep ElaZtech baits in their own original packaging for storage.

2. Robo Worm Ned Worm

The Robo Worm is very similar in shape as the Finesse TRD but it has a lot of salt in it. The salt adds a little extra weight to the bait so it will lay down more than the Finesse TRD. The salt also give the bait a slight flavor which tends to help keep bass from spitting out baits as fast. This gives you a little more time to detect the bite and set the hook. Robo Worm also has a great color selection.

Colors: Margarita Mutilator

The Finesse TRD and Robo Worm are the two standard ned worms worth trying. They are great baits that work year-round all over the country. As the ned rig grows in popularity so too does the pressure. If a lot of other anglers where you fish throw a ned rig then you may want to branch out into more unique ned baits. Here are a few more styles that are worth throwing.

3. Z Man TRD TicklerZ

The TRD TicklerZ is another bait by Z-Man. It is very similar to the original Finesse TRD but has 4 small appendages on the top. These appendages don’t look like much out of the water but underwater they add a lot of action. Traditionally ned rigs don’t have much action and you don’t want to work them too much. You cast them out, let the bait sink to the bottom, and slowly hop it back. The TRD TicklerZ does a great job at adding some action without going overboard and killing the benefits of the ned rig. This bait is also made of ElaZtech and should be stored separately from your other soft plastics.

Colors: Canada Craw

4. Missle Baits Ned Bomb

The Ned Bomb is another great ned worm that is slightly different from the standard ned design. The Ned Bomb features a small beaver-style tail. This tail gives the bait a very subtle action and movement in the water. It has been a great fish producer for me over the last few seasons and is currently my go-to ned worm.

Colors: Green Pumpkin, PB&J

5. XZone Ned Zone

The Ned Zone follows the standard ned worm shape but has a bulbed tail. This bulbed tail produces much more movement underwater than the previous baits mentioned. For this reason, the Ned Zone is more of a warm-weather finesse bait and can be fished a little faster. It is excellent for catching fish when the bite gets tough on pressured lakes. Avoid this bait completely during colder months.

Colors: Green Pumpkin Purple

Best Ned Rig Craw & Creature Baits

1. Z Man TRD CrawZ

The TRD CrawZ moves away from worm-style baits and introduces craw styles to the ned rig. This bait has buoyant claws that swing around when being worked and float up when paused. This looks very natural and mimics a crawfish’s natural defensive posture.

Colors: TW Delta Green Pumpkin

2. Z Man TRD BugZ

The TRD BugZ is Z-Man’s beaver-style ned bait. At just 2.75″ it is perfect for anglers looking for a downsized creature bait. Like larger beaver style soft plastics the BugZ has a nice subtle glide as it falls which often triggers a bite before it even hits bottom.

Colors: California Craw

Best Ned Rig Bait Colors

When choosing colors for ned worms I like to keep it as natural as possible. Green pumpkin, goby, and craw colors are all great choices. Ned rig baits come in a variety of colors so grab a couple and dial in what works best for your body of water.

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