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Ned Rig: Floating Vs. Sinking Baits

The ned rig is one of the best fish-catching techniques and continues to grow in popularity. One of the most questions regarding the ned rig is which is better, a floating bait or a sinking bait.

Both floating & sinking ned rig baits have a purpose. As discussed in our ned head guide, I like to fish ned rigs with either a super fast fall or a super slow fall. This is where I decide to use a sinking or floating ned bait.

If I’m fishing suspended fish or getting bites on the fall then I would go with a floating bait to help slow the sink rate.

If I want to get my bait down to the bottom as quickly as possible then I go with a sinking bait. A quick fall could generate a reaction bite or I might be getting all my bites on the bottom.

Floating vs Sinking Ned Rig Baits When Fishing Current

When fishing in current, both floating and sinking baits have their ideal situations. A floating bait is great for fishing in moving current where you want your bait to flow through an area. You can cast upstream and let your bait flow downstream until it is parallel from you. A floating bait will help keep your ned rig up and moving.

When fishing in moving current and you want to target a specific pocket then go with a sinking bait. A sinking bait will help increase the fall rate and get your ned rig where you want it quickly and stay down.

What is Better for Bed Fishing – Sinking vs Floating

A floating bait is better when fishing beds. A floating bait will keep the tail up and moving even while you let it sit on the bed. This allows you to keep your ned rig on your target longer which will generate more bites on bass beds.

For specific bait recommendations, please read our ned rig bait guide.