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Hybrid Striped Bass

Scientific Name: Morone chrysops x Morone saxatilis

Also Known As: Striper, Sunshine Bass, White Bass, Palmetto Bass, Whiterock Bass, Cherokee Bass, and Wiper

Hybrid striped bass are a cross between the striped bass and the white bass. They are freshwater carnivores that feed on insects, crustaceans, crappie, bluegill, gizzards, shad, shiners, sunfish and minnows.

How to Identify a Hybrid Striped Bass


Hybrid striped bass have a silvery-white body with dark colored stripes that appear to be broken across the body.

Physical Features

The lower jaw of a hybrid striped bass projects further than the upper jaw and they have spines on their front dorsal fin and gill cover.

Hybrid Striped Bass Size

Hybrid striped bass can grow up to 30 inches and weigh 27.3 lbs. However, they are more commonly found in the 15 – 20 inch range weighing 4 – 6 lbs.

A trophy size hybrid striped bass is 10 pounds or larger.

Hybrid Striped Bass Size Chart – Length to Weight Conversion

12 inches1 lb
13 inches1.5 lbs
14 inches2 lbs
15 inches3 lbs
16 inches4 lbs
17 inches5 lbs
18 inches6 lbs
19 inches6.5 lbs
20 inches7 lbs
21 inches7.5 lbs
22 inches8 lbs
23 inches9 lbs
24 inches10 lbs
25 inches11 lbs
26 inches13 lbs
27 inches16 lbs
28 inches19 lbs
29 inches23 lbs
30 inches27 lbs

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Where Hybrid Striped Bass Are Found

Hybrid striped bass are native to the Atlantic and Gulf coast regions of the United States. Today, they can be found all over the US. They are a freshwater fish, but can also tolerate saltwater.

These fish inhabit lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and slow-moving streams and rarely live in shallow waters. They are commonly caught near humps, drop-offs, points that conjoin, and windblown shores.

Within a body of water, hybrid striped bass will move throughout the year. Depending on the season, weather conditions, and water clarity they can be found at just about any depth. We have a helpful guide to help you find bass.

Life Span of Hybrid Striped Bass

The lifespan of a hybrid striped bass is typically 5 – 6 years. They reach maturity in 2 – 3 years.

You can tell the general age of a hybrid striped bass by referring to the table below.

Hybrid Striped Bass Age Chart

1 Year Old6 inches
2 Years Old12 inches
3 Years Old15 inches
4 Years Old18 inches
5 Years Old20 inches
6 Years Old25 inches

Hybrid Striped Bass Fishing

The Importance of Hybrid Striped Bass

Fishing is one of the most popular sport for participation. According to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 43 percent of freshwater anglers fish for bass. The bass industry generates $60 billion each year.

Are Hybrid Striped Bass hard to catch?

Hybrid striped bass are fairly easy to catch. Bass are aggressive and will often strike even when they aren’t hungry. The biggest challenge is knowing where to fish in order to get your bait in front of them.

Best Bait for Hybrid Striped Bass

Hybrid striped bass can be caught with gizzard shad, chicken liver, creek chubs, shiners, herring, minnows, nightcrawlers, crawfish, and any other bait-fish.

They will attack top water lures, jigs, heavy spoons, spinners, and artificial lures.

Anglers have had success catching the hybrid striped bass using methods like trolling, spinning, bait casting, and fly fishing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hybrid Striped Bass

Are hybrid striped bass safe to eat?

Hybrid striped bass are safe to eat and it can be very satisfying eating what you caught yourself. However, bass can contain high levels of mercury, or other toxins depending on the levels of pollution in its environment.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advises people to check for fish advisories for the particular body of water.

Are hybrid striped bass good to eat?

Depending on how you prepare a hybrid striped bass they can taste very good. They range from a mild to heavy fishy taste. They are generally not rated as high as other fish such as cod, trout, or salmon.

What time of day is best to fish for hybrid striped bass?

Hybrid striped bass are best caught during low light such as dusk or dawn.

Can hybrid striped bass hurt you?

Hybrid striped bass are not dangerous to handle. They have small teeth that can rough up or cut your skin but nothing that would take more than a day or two to heal.