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White Bass Records State & World Records

White bass are one of the most fun freshwater species to fish for. Below you will learn what makes a trophy yellow bass and the state and world records.

White bass on a white background

World Record White Bass

The biggest white bass ever caught weighted 6 pounds, 13 ounces. This world record is current a tie with the first being caught on Lake Orange in Virginia by Ronald Sprouse in 1989. The second was caught on Amite River in Louisiana by Corey Crochet in 2010.

White Bass Records by State

Alabama4 lbs 9 ozWarrior RiverBen DeMott2/14/1987
Arizona5 lbs 5.0 ozImperial ReservoirNorman Mize1972
Arkansas5 lbs 6 ozMississippi RiverBill Nelson10/27/2005
California5 lbs 5 ozFerguson LakeMize, Milton5/8/1972
Colorado4.44 lbsBlue LakePedro Martinez5/16/1905
Florida4.69 lbsApalachicola RiverRichard Davis4/9/1982
Georgia5 lb 1 ozLake LanierJ.M. Hobbins6/1/1971
Illinois4 lbs 14 ozKaskaskia RiverBruce Wilson10/7/1981
Indiana4 lb 3 ozLake FreemanJames Wagner5/18/1905
Iowa3 lbs 14 ozWest Okoboji LakeBill Born5/1/1972
Kansas5.67 lbsRvr. above John RedmondMarvin W. Gary4/11/2002
Kentucky5 lbsHerrington LakeB.B. Hardin6/3/1957
Louisiana6 lbs 13 ozAmite RiverCorey Crochet8/27/2010
Minnesota4 lbsMississippi River Pool 5N/A5/4/2004
Mississippi5 lbs 6 ozGrenada Res. SpillwayWilliam Mulvihill4/21/1979
Missouri5 lbs 6 ozTable Rock LakeScott Flood3/19/2002
Montana2 lbs 12.8 ozMissouri RiverVernon Pacovsky10/13/2007
Nebraska5 lbsGavins Point tailwatersJim Kilcoin11/12/1983
Nevada4 lbsLahontan ReservoirGreg Ackerman6/6/1905
New Mexico4lb 13ozBill Evans LakeJoe Alexander1983
New York3 lb 8 ozLower Niagara RiverMorgan Fonzi5/6/2020
North Carolina5 lbs 14 ozKerr ReservoirJim King3/15/1986
North Dakota4 lbs 8 ozDevils Lake6/22/1905
Ohio4 lbsGravel pitIra Sizemore7/1/1983
Oklahoma5 lbs 1 ozVerdigris RiverR.R. Karch4/1/1976
Pennsylvania4 lbConneaut LakeRobert H. Hornstrom6/24/1905
South Carolina5 lbs 4 ozBroad RiverJohnny Gilliam6/19/1905
South Dakota4 lbs 6 ozBlue Dog LakeRon Block5/13/1999
Tennessee5 lbs 10 ozMississippi RiverBill Nelson9/29/2003
Texas5 lbs 8.96 ozColorado RiverDavid Cordill3/31/1977
Utah4 lbs 1 ozUtah LakeJohn R. Welcker5/23/1905
Virginia6 lbs 13 ozLake OrangeRon Sprouse7/31/1989
West Virginia4.56 lbsNew RiverLouis Puskas6/7/1905
Wisconsin5 lbs 3.8 ozMississippi River5/5/2019

What state has the largest white bass?

Louisiana and Virginia are the states with the largest white bass caught in the United States. They are currently tied for the world record of 6 lbs 13 oz.

What is the average size white bass?

The average size white bass seen in the wild are 1/2 to 1 lb and 9-15″ long. This is much smaller than the world record of 6 lbs 13 oz.

What size white bass is considered a trophy?

White bass start to be considered trophy at 16 inches long or weight more than 2 lbs.