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7 Best Bass Fishing Rigs

Using a fishing rig is one of best ways to catch fish, especially for beginners. Below we will walk you through the 7 best fishing rigs for catching bass and other freshwater fish.

Texas Rig

A weedless bass rig that works in almost every situation. It’s fished along bottom and can get through cover such as vegetation, rocks and wood.

It can be fished weightless or weighted and be used to target any depth. It’s one of the most consistent techniques and is great for beginners.

How to Setup & Fish the Texas Rig

Texas rig setup

Wacky Rig

A stick style worm that is hooked through the middle to allow both ends to flutter as it sinks.

The subtle flutter that it produces drives bass wild. It closely mimics prey that has fallen in or a dying baitfish.

Most bites will come before your bait hits bottom. The wacky rig is another great rig for beginners.

How to Setup & Fish the Wacky Rig

Wacky rig setup

Neko Rig

A modified wacky rig that has a weight inserted into one end of of the soft plastic

The added weight also allows your to fish deeper and helps your bait stand up vertically when it hits bottom.

How to Setup & Fish the Neko Rig

Neko rig setup

Drop Shot Rig

Rig designed to keep your bait off the bottom. You can adjust the depth by adjusting your leader length.

This is great when fish are suspending just above bottom or you need to keep your bait above vegetation.

It’s finesses technique that is great when the bite gets tough.

How to Setup & Fish the Drop Shot Rig

Dropshot setup

Ned Rig

An ultra finesse technique that utilizes very small 2-3″ profile baits on a light jighead.

It’s ideal in the toughest conditions and is one of the most chosen rig for winter months when fish really slow down.

How to Setup & Fish the Ned Rig

Green pumpkin ned rig

Alabama Rig

Also known as umbrella rig or a-rig is designed to mimic a school of bait fish.

It’s an advantaged rig that requires specialized gear to throw due to it’s heavy weight.

It’s so effective that some fishing tournaments have banned it and some states have passed regulations limiting the number of hooks allowed to be fished at once.

How to Setup & Fish the Alabama Rig

Alabama rig with 5 hooked swimbaits

Carolina Rig

A bottom contact technique rig that has a weighted main line and a weightless soft plastic bait.

This unique design allows you to effectively fish a weightless soft plastic at deeper depths.

How to Setup & Fish the Carolina Rig

Carolina rig setup

These 7 fishing rigs are great techniques to be aware of and to have in your tackle box. Each have their advantages and situations where they thrive.