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By: Nick and FishingwithNat Updated: May 7, 2022

Scientific Name: Centrarchidae family
Also Known As: specks, strawberry bass, speckled perch

Types of Crappie

Black Crappie

Black crappie have white bodies with a dark green and black back. Throughout their bodies they have black and brown spots.

World Record: 5 lb 7 oz – 19.25 inches long

White Crappie

White crappie have a white to silver body with a dark green back. They have blotches that make vertical bars across their sides.

World Record: 5 lb 3 oz – 21 inches long

Crappie Habitat

Both white & black crappie live in lakes, rivers, and reservoirs throughout the United States. The only states they are not in are Alaska and Hawaii. They are most prosperous in the south.

Black vs White Crappie

There are two species of crappie: white & black. Both species are similar in habits, size, and shape, but have a few minor differences. 

How to Spot the Difference Between Black & White Crappie

  • Black Crappie: 7-8 spines on their dorsal fins and have black irregular blotches on their side.
  • White Crappie: 5-6 spines on their dorsal fins and have vertical bars on their side.

Crappie Fishing

Black Crappie caught with small jig being held out of water

Crappie are one of the easiest fish to catch. They are a schooling fish so once you find them, you can catch the one after the other. To find crappie look for submerged structure.

Although crappie aren’t as large as other freshwater fish they put up a tremendous fight which makes them very fun to fish for.

The best bait for crappie are minnows, crappie jigs, and small spinnerbaits.

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What Does Crappie Taste Like?

Crappie is one of the best tasting freshwater fish. They have a soft, flaky texture and mild fishy taste. Crappie are great for hosting a fish fry with friends and family.

Which Tastes Better White or Black Crappie

Black and white crappie taste same. There is a slight difference in tenderness, blacks are a little more firm. If prepared the same most would not be able to taste the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crappie

Why is it called crappie?

Crappie comes from the Canadian-French word “crapet,” which refers to members of the sunfish family. Crappie is pronounced “crop-ay.”