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Best Knot for Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

The best knot for fluorocarbon line is the doubled pitzen knot. I have tested and tried just about every knot over the years and I found the doubled pitzen knot is the most efficient, strongest, and best knot for fluorocarbon lines.

Benefits of the Doubled Pitzen Knot on Fluorocarbon Line

The double pitzen knot is the strongest knot for fluorocarbon line. Because fluorocarbon is more ridged than mono or braid, the way a knot settles and transfers force matters a lot more. Other popular knots like the palamer knot tend to break frequently on fluoro due to the way the knot distributes force applied to it.

With a little bit of  practice you can learn to tie the double pitzen knot very quickly. Once you have the technique down you can tie it in under 30 seconds.

Negatives of the Doubled Pitzen Knot

The biggest downside to the doubled pitzen knot is its size. It is a fairly large knot but not enough hurt bites or stop me from using it. Additionally it takes some practice to get

How to Tie a Doubled Pitzen Knot

Tips to Tying a Doubled Pitzen knot on Fluorocarbon

When tying a doubled pitzen knot you need to use a lure with some weight to it. If you are fishing a light lure or just a hook try adding some weight to it while tying by hanging a heavy jig or crank to it by their hooks. The extra weight will help it hold it steady and keep the line tight while you are making the loops. Once tied you can remove the extra weight and fish it like you normally would.

Final Thoughts

The doubled pitzen knot is my go-to knot when fishing fluorocarbon fishing line. I have fished it for years, with practice it is simple and quick to tie and it has never caused me any issues.