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Hybrid Striped Bass State & World Records

Hybrid Striped bass are one of the most fun freshwater species to fish for. Below you will learn what makes a trophy hybrid striped bass and the state and world records.

World Record Hybrid Striped Bass

The world record hybrid striped bass weighed 27 lbs 5 oz and was caught by Jerald C. Shaum. Jerald caught the record bass on Greers Ferry Lake in Arkansas on 4/24/1997.

Hybrid Striped Bass Records by State

StateWeightLocationCaught ByDate
Alabama25 lbs 15 ozSipsey ForkE. H. Hodges, Chelsea9/13/1996
Arizona2 lbs 13.76 ozLake PleasantRay Gilmore10/29/2013
Arkansas27 lbs 5 ozGreers Ferry LakeJerald C. Shaum4/24/1997
Delaware13 lbs 13 ozs.N/AEarl Blevins6/12/1905
Georgia25 lb 8 ozLake ChatugeDavid Hobby5/1/1995
Illinois20 lbs .32 ozLake of EgyptDavid B. Gjelsvik6/20/1993
Indiana22 lb 2 ozTippecanoe RiverDavid G. Coffman6/27/1905
Kentucky20 lbs 8 ozBarren River Lake TailwatersMark Wilson4/27/1991
Michigan10.75 lbsKalamazoo RiverJeffrey D. VanBrocklin6/18/1905
New Jersey16 lbs 4 ozCulvers LakeBill Schmidt1999
New York15 lb 5 ozLake WaccabucBryan Colley7/30/2004
Ohio18.32 lbsDeer Creek Lake feeder creekRichard A. Knisley5/24/2015
Oklahoma23 lbs 3.68 ozAltus-Lugert ReservoirPaul Hollister4/4/1997
Oregon19 lbs 12 ozAna ReservoirChad Meadows7/6/1905
Tennessee23 lbs 3 ozStones RiverRay Pelfrey4/17/1998
Texas19 lbs 10.56 ozRay Hubbard LakeJohn Haney6/20/1984
Virginia15 lbs 13 ozClaytor LakeDon Jessie3/16/2016
Wisconsin13 lbs 14.2 ozLake ColumbiaN/A3/16/2002

What state has the largest hybrid striped bass?

Arkansas is the state with the largest hybrid striped bass ever caught in the United States. It was caught by Jerald C. Shaum and weighed 27 lbs 5 oz.

What is the average size hybrid striped bass?

The average size hybrid striped bass typically caught are between 15 – 20 inch range, weighing 4 – 6 lbs. This is much smaller than the world record of 27 lbs 5 oz.

What size Hybrid Striped bass is considered a trophy?

Hybrid striped bass start to be considered trophy when they reach more than 10 lbs. How large bass typically varies by state, we have a guide on what’s considered a good size bass by state.