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Best Crankbaits for Bass

Crankbaits are one of the most effect lures for catching bass. They are great for cover a lot of water quickly. No tackle box is complete without them.

With hundreds of crankbaits on the market and countless color options it can be a real challenge to know what is best. We’re here to help. Over the years I’ve tried hundreds of different crankbaits in all shapes, colors, and styles.

Below, you’ll find what I have found to be the best crankbaits, as well as a brief guide to selecting the best options for you:

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Top 10 Crankbaits for Bass

1. Strike King Pro 3XD – Best Overall

The Strike King Pro 3XD is the best crankbait overall in my opinion due to it’s ability to catch fish no matter where you are in the country. It has a compact body and dives down deeper than most other crankbaits of similar size.

It’s perfect for early spring but will catch bass anytime throughout the year.

Colors: Sexy shad, Tennessee shad, and Citrus shad

Strike KingLengthWeightDepth
Pro Model 3XD2″7/16oz10-12ft

2. Lucky Craft LV 500 – Best Lipless

The LV 500 is hands down the best lipless crankbait on the market. It’s heavier than most lipless for it’s size at 3/4 oz. This creates a quick flutter action as it falls. If you are looking for the top of the line lipless it’s a must have.

Colors: American Shad, Chartreuse Shad, Ghost Minnow

Lucky CraftLengthWeightClass
LV 5003″3/4ozSinking

It’s much more expensive than most other lipless crankbaits though, so if you’re on a budget check out our in-depth lipless crankbait buyer’s guide for other great options.

3. River2Sea Biggie Poppa – Best Squarebill

The River2Sea Biggie Poppa is my go to squarebill. It has a rattle that produces a ton of sound which can help draw in bass from a distance. It deflects off cover exceptionally well. It is perfect for targeting the 3-4ft deep zone.

Colors: Abalone Shad, Gizzard Shad, Cold Blooded

River2Sea BiggieLengthWeightDepth
Poppa – Bumpin’2-5/8″9/16oz3-5ft

Squarebills are great during the spring and fall, be sure to check out our in-depth squarebill buyer’s guide for even more recommendations.

4. Azuma Z Boss – Best Deep Diving

The Azuma Z Boss is my favorite deep diving crankbait. It has a sleek profile that reduces drag and dives faster most other deep divers. The reduced drag makes a noticeable difference in fatigue after a day of fishing. The sleek design produces a tight wobble action to trigger lure shy fish.

The Z Boss has a weight transfer system that allows you to make further casts. Longer casts ensure your lure spends the maximum time in the strike zone

Colors: Grand Shad, Gold Digger, Goldie Lox

Z Boss 223-3/8″1-1/2oz15-18ft
Z Boss 244″1-7/8oz17-21ft
Z Boss 254″2oz22-27ft

Deep diving crankbaits are my personal favorite summer time lure. If you’re looking for a more entry level deep crank to try for your first time or you’re like me and can’t get enough of deep cranking check out our deep crankbait buyer’s guide for additional options.

5. Spro RkCrawler 55 – Best for Rock Piles

The Spro RkCrawler is a must have if you fish around rock often. It was designed specifically for deflecting off rock and generating reaction bites. It has a great wide wobble action and dives down to 9-14ft. It produces a knocking sound which helps draw in fish, even before they can see it.

Along with being great for targeting rock, the RkCrawler is great when fishing in colder water.

Colors: Phantom Green, Red Crawfish, Olive Craw

Rk Crawler 552.17″1/2oz9-14ft

6. Spro Baby Fat John 50 – Best Shallow Crankbait

The Spro Baby Fat John is the best crankbait for fishing super shallow. It’s perfect for when bass are pushing bait fish into the backs of pockets during the fall. It dives less than 2ft and is one of the few crankbaits that work in that shallow of water.

It’s also a great option for pond or bank anglers. When your reeling your bait towards the bank you need a bait that isn’t diving too deep to prevent getting hung up.

Baby Fat John 502″3/8oz0-2ft

7. Jackall MushBob 50 MR

The Jackall Mushbob is another great medium diving crankbait. It has an unique duck bill lip that is a cross between a square bill and traditional round bill. This design allows it to get through heavy cover while also producing erratic wobbles.

It has an internal magnetic weight transfer system that allows it to be cast further. This feature is one you normally only see on larger baits or high end jerkbaits.

Colors: Half Mirror Wakasagi, Kawashima Red Black

Mushbob 50MR2″1/3oz4-8ft

8. Megabass Deep X 300 – Best Winter Crankbait

Winter isn’t typically a time people associate with crankbaits, most anglers are fishing a jig super slow during this time. The Megabass Deep X 300 allows you to do the complete opposite. With this bait I fish it as fast as possible with a stop and go retrieve.

The super fast retrieve paired with it’s unique vibration triggers a quick feed response that you rarely see in fish when it’s so cold out. This bait allows you to be more active during the winter months.

Colors: Sexy Ayu, PM Kisyu Ayu, FireCraw

Deep-X 3002.95″3/4oz12-15 ft

9. Rapala DT 8 – Best Wood Crankbait

The entire Rapala DT series is an excellent line of crankbaits. The DT 8 is great throughout the year for targeting bass close to shore and up to 10ft of water. It dives to 8ft deep, that’s what DT stands for “dives to.”

The DT series has a more subtle thumping sound than the Strike King XD which can sometimes be too much.

Colors: Delta, Olive Green Craw, Live River Shad


10. Bomber Fat Free Shad Jr. – Best Budget Crankbait

The Bomber Fat Free Shad Jr. is an excellent budget crankbait. The build quality is not as great as others on this list but at 1/2 or 1/3 the priced it’s hard to beat the value. At the reduced price it’s great for beginners who might get hung up more often.

It has a tight wiggling action and loud rattling sound which does a good job at drawing in bass.

Colors: Purple Pearl Ayu, Green Pearl Shad

Fat Free Shad Jr.2-1/2″5/8oz8-12ft