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Muskellunge State & World Records

Muskie are one of the most fun freshwater species to fish for. Below you will learn what makes a trophy muskie and the state and world records.

World Record Musky

The biggest musky ever caught weighted 67 pounds, 8 ounce. This world record was caught on Lake Court Oreilles in Wisconsin by Cal Johnson in 1949.

Muskie Records by State

StateWeightLocationCaught ByDate
Alabama19 lbs 8 ozWilson Dam tailwaterSteve Leatherwood12/31/1972
Delaware28 ozs.N/AThomas Sutton7/5/1905
Illinois37 lbs 13 ozShabbona LakeChris Kim4/1/1997
Indiana42 lb 8 ozJames LakeDarrin Conley6/24/1905
Iowa56 ozSpirit LakeKevin Cardwell8/1/2000
Kentucky47 lbsCave Run LakeSarah K. Terry11/2/2008
Maine33 lbsSt. John RiverOnezime Dufour5/15/2010
Maryland33.0 lbsPotomac RiverKyle Mulleni​x​
Michigan49.75 lbsThornapple LakeJohn Keith Geml6/22/1905
Minnesota54 lbsLake WinnibigoshishArt Lyons5/10/1905
Missouri41 lbs 2 ozLake Of The OzarksGene Snelling3/9/1981
Nebraska41 lbs 8 ozMerritt LakeJared Haddix8/9/1992
New Jersey42 lbs 13 ozMonksville ReservoirBob Neals6/19/1905
New York69 lb 15 ozSt. Lawrence RiverArthur Lawton9/22/1957
North Carolina41 lbs 8 ozLake AdgerRichard W. Dodd1/23/2001
North Dakota46 lbsNew Johns Lake6/25/1905
Ohio55.13 lbsPiedmont LakeJoe D. Lykins4/12/1972
Pennsylvania54 lb 3 ozConneaut Lake4/7/1905
South Carolina22 lbs 8 ozBroad RiverZ. Jefferies6/26/1905
South Dakota40 lbsAmsden DamDaniel B. Krueger4/16/1991
Vermont38 lbs 3.5 ozMissisquoi RiverChris Beebe9/9/2005
Virginia45 lbs 8 ozNew RiverShannon Hill6/1/2007
West Virginia49.75 lbsStonecoal LakeAnna Marsh6/19/1905
Wisconsin69 lbs 11 ozChippewa Flowage10/20/1949
States not listed don’t have a muskie record on the books.

What state has the largest musky?

Wisconsin is the state with the largest muskie caught in the United States. It weighed 67 lbs 8 oz and was caught on Lake Court Oreilles by Cal Johnson in 1949.

What is the average size muskie?

The average size muskie seen in the wild are 2-4 feet long and weigh 15-36 lbs. This is much smaller than the world record of 67 lbs 8 oz.

What size muskie is considered a trophy?

A trophy size muskie is over 50 inches long or weights more than 35 lbs.