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Best Lipless Crankbaits

Lucky Craft LV 500

Two Lucky Craft LV 500 lipless crankbaits on rock

The LV 500 is without a doubt the best lipless crankbait. It has won countless tournaments and produced tons of personal best fish throughout the country. The LV-500 is a smaller profile that is heavier for its size. It is super reactive because of its weight. One of the best ways to fish this lure is by hopping along the bottom. When you pop it up it quickly falls back down to the bottom.  Just like a jig, the bass will hit it on the fall. It also does great burning through grass or fishing down deeper than you typically fish a lipless.

Colors: Ghost Minnow, American Shad, Chartreuse Shad

Jackall TN-70

Jackall TN 70 SG Threadfin Shad

The Jackall TN-70 fishes very similarly to the LV-500. I go with the TN-70 over the LV-500 when I am fishing it on a straight retrieve. It has a great rattle that really draws bass in, even on a straight retrieve.

Colors: RT Scale Minnow, RT Escape Craw, Ghost Minnow

Best Large Lipless Crankbaits

6th Sense Quake 80

6th Sense Quake 80 Lipless Crankbait in 4k Gizzard Color

The Quake 80 is a larger profile lipless crankbait that is excellent at mimicking larger baitfish like bluegill or gizzard shad. If the body of water you fish has larger baitfish then moving to a bigger profile lipless can increase your chances of catching bigger bass. 6th Sense is known for their high-quality crankbaits and have a ton of great colors to choose from.

Colors: Shad Scales, American Shad, Crackle Craw

Spro Aruka Shad 85

Spro Aruku Shad in Red Crawfish


The Aruka Shad 85 is another great large profile lipless. It is slightly larger than the Quake 80 at 3-3/8″ and has a higher pitched rattle.

Colors: Red Crawfish, Spooky Shad, Clear Chartreuse

Best Small Lipless Crankbaits

Jackall TN-50

Jackall TN-50 in Crawfish Color

The Jackall TN-50 is a smaller version of the TN-70 mentioned above. This lure is the perfect size during the fall for mimicking young baitfish that spawned in the spring.

Colors: SG Threadfin, RT Scale Minnow, Sprinkle Wakasagi

Best Budget Lipless Crankbaits

Bill Lewis Rattle Trap 1/2 oz

Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap Ghost Minnow

The Rattle Trap has a similar profile to the LV-500 but is much lighter. It isn’t as expensive as the other lipless crankbaits so it is perfect for new anglers or anyone wanting to try lipless cranks for the first time.

Colors: Cali Craw, Ghost Minnow, American Shad

Cotton Cordell Super Spot

Cotton Cordell Supershot 1/2oz


The Cotton Cordell Super Spot is another cheap lipless lure. It has a similar profile to the Rattle Trap. It produces a super high pitched rattle. It sinks much slower than the other lipless baits so it a good for fishing super shallow flats high up in the water column.

Colors: Royal Red, Chrome Black, Chrome Blue

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