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5 Best Bass Fishing Worms

Soft plastic worms are one of the most popular baits for bass fishing. What is great about worm fishing is you don’t need a lot to be successful. You can cover the 5 styles of worms in a couple different colors and be set to fish anywhere in the country year round. It is a great way to fish for beginners and lifelong anglers. Worms are great for catching numbers and targeting giant bass.

  1. Yamamoto Senko
  2. Zoom U Tail Worm
  3. Strike King KVD Half Shell
  4. Strike King KVD Fat Baby Finesse Worm
  5. Zoom Speed Worm

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Best Color Worms for Bass

Color selection is very important when fishing plastic worms. Color is often the deciding factor whether a bass decides to eat your bait or not. With worms being so popular manufactures are constantly offering new colors. There are now hundreds of color choices which can be overwhelming for the average angler. The best colors for worms are natural colors: green pumpkin, watermelon, junebug, black and blue. With these colors you will be able to catch bass year round in any body of water that holds bass.

  • Clear Water: green pumpkin, watermelon
  • Murky Water: junebug, black and blue

How to Rig Plastic Worms

There are many ways to rig a plastic worm which makes them so versatile. Some popular worm rigging techniques include:

Five Styles of Worms

  1. Curly Tail Worm/ Ribbon Tail Worm – Great for bass sitting on bottom. Fish these worms Texas or Carolina Rigged by slowly dragging them along bottom.
  2. Stick Worm – Can be fished many different ways but the most common method is weightless. The slow rate of fall is key when fishing stick worms. With this style of worm you should target bass along ledges and edges of cover where they would be looking up watching for prey.
  3. Finned Worms – Perfect for fishing off the bottom with a drop shot. These worms give great movement with minimal rod action.
  4. Straight Tail Worms – Ideal choice for fishing shaky heads. Produces a completely unique swim action as they sink.
  5. Speed Worms – Have hooked tails. Fish speed worms on a weighted texas rig fast or slow. The action of these worms mimic swimbaits.