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Green Sunfish Records State & World Records

Green sunfish are one of the most popular sunfish species. Below you will learn what makes a trophy green sunfish and the state and world records.

World Record Green Sunfish

The biggest green sunfish ever caught weighted 2 pounds, 2 ounce. This world record was caught on Stockton Lake in Missouri by Paul Dilley on June 18, 1971.

Green Sunfish Records by State

StateWeightLocationCaught ByDate
Alabama1 lbs 9 ozMcLamore PondCaleb Miller8/10/2005
Arizona1 lb 9 ozParker Canyon LakePaul Bennett7/27/1996
Arkansas1 lb 11 ozpond, DierksKeith McCullough4/12/1976
Colorado1.31 lbsGravel Pit (Larimer County)Joshua Robinson6/23/1905
Georgia1 lb 7 ozPrivate PondJeff Sumner2/1/2006
Idaho0.67 lbsFernan LakeJohn Moore6/25/2019
Illinois2 lbs 1 ozprivate pondJohn Stein6/28/1981
Indiana1 lb 10 ozPit, Fountain CountyTerry Keller6/9/1905
Iowa2 lbs 1 ozprivate pondRalph Mayer7/1/2000
Kansas2.36 lbsFarm PondFae Vaupel, Russell9/26/1982
Kentucky1 lb 9.44 ozs.Farm PondDavid Gibson5/20/2013
Michigan1.53 lbsKirkwood LakeJulius R. (“Chip”) Drotos6/12/1905
Minnesota1 lbs 4.8 ozNorth Arbor LakeN/A6/14/2005
Mississippi1.26 lbsWaltman’s LakeCraig Jones5/21/1986
Missouri2 lbs 2 ozStockton LakePaul Dilley6/18/1971
Montana13.44 ozCastle Rock LakeBette Schmieding5/25/2009
Nebraska1 lbs 4 ozsandpitJeff Knajdl7/13/1980
Nevada1 lbs 6 ozTule Springs LakeJoe Burgess6/14/1905
New Mexico1lb 6ozElephant Butte LakeMisty Crowder6/18/1905
North Carolina1 lbs 14 ozPrivate pondSean Vanderburg7/27/2008
Ohio1.2 lbsRichland Co. Farm PondSue Ann Newswanger5/13/2018
Oklahoma2 lbs 7 ozPontotoc Co. PondEddie Shulanberger10/16/1972
Oregon11 ozUmpqua RiverJohn Baker6/13/1905
South Dakota1 lbs 5 ozMinnehaha Co. Stock PondAlex Meland5/7/2005
Tennesseel lb 4 ozNorth Cross CreekDwight M. Lehman6/8/1991
Texas1 lbs 3.52 ozTehuacana CreekRickie Rivard4/21/1995
Utah15.5 ozGlassman PondSean Buchanan6/25/1905
Washington12.64 ozBailey LakeMickey Hough5/29/1994
Wisconsin1 lb 9 ozWind Lake8/23/1967
Wyoming8.66 ozprivate pondKeith M. Reau Jr.6/19/1905
States not listed don’t have a green sunfish record on the books.

What state has the green sunfish?

Missouri is the state with the largest green sunfish caught in the United States. It weighed 2 lb 2 oz and was caught on Stockton Lake by Paul Dilley on June 18, 1971.

What is the average size green sunfish?

The average size green sunfish seen in the wild are 3 – 7 inches long and weigh less than 1 lb. This is much smaller than the world record of 2 lb 2 oz.

What size green sunfish is considered a trophy?

A trophy size green sunfish is over 8 inches long.