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Top 6 Early Spring Bass Lures

Early spring is one of the best times of the year for catching giant bass. During this time big bass are moving up shallow and are aggressively feeding. This is not the time to slow down. Instead, you want to cover as much water are you can. You want baits that move quickly and can trigger a feed response from big bass. Below I will breakdown my favorite spring lures.

1. Alabama Rig

You cant talk pre-spawn lures without starting with the Alabama rig. The A-rig is one of the most unique and effective lures for the early spring. Be sure to check your state’s hook laws, fully rigged umbrella rigs are illegal in some states. Most people fish it with a straight retrieve but by adding in the occasional rod or reel twitches you can really improve the a-rigs effectiveness. During the early spring, Alabama rigs are great when fished along secondary points leading into spawn coves. They are excellent for covering water and finding where bass are staging as they make their way to the back of coves to spawn.

For a more in-depth breakdown including how to fish the a-rig, components, and baits, check out our Alabama rig guide.

2. River2Sea S-Waver 168 – Glidebait

The S-Waver 168 is an outstanding spring lure. Glide baits have a large profile and incredible drawing power. They offer the perfect meal for large bass wanting to quickly bulk up before the spawn. The S-Waver has caught countless 10lb+ bass throughout the country. Spotted, smallmouth, largemouth, no matter what bass you are targeting the S-Waver catches them. This is a bait I always have tied on during the spring. The best color for the S-Waver is Lite Trout.

For more glide bait recommendations read our swimbait buyer’s guide or learn more about how to fish large swimbaits.

3. River2Sea Biggie Poppa – Squarebill

Squarebill crankbaits are amazing during the spring once the bass move up to shallow water. When they are in 1-6ft of water a red squarebill can’t be beaten. Fish them super aggressive, you almost can’t fish them fast enough. Pause for a second each time it bangs into rock or cover and you will catch a ton of fish. The Biggie Poppa is my favorite spring squarebill but there are other great options to check out in our squarebill guide.

4. LV-500 – Lipless Crankbait

Lipless crankbaits are a great choice for finding what depth bass are holding during the spring. They can be fished at any depth so they are a great in-between lure for squarebills and deep diving crankbaits. You can’t fish prespawn without throwing a lipless bait, they absolutely smash fish during this time of year.

The LV-500 is the gold standard when talking lipless cranks. The first time I tried one I caught a big stripper on my first cast and since then have caught countless others. The LV-500 is an expensive bait though, if you are looking for more budget-friendly options check out our lipless crankbait buyer’s guide.

5. Spro Rock Crawler 55 – Deep Diving Crankbait

Deep diving crankbaits are great for targeting bass along ledges that haven’t made the jump up to shallower water yet. When choosing a deep crank for the spring you want to avoid the larger profile ones that do great during the summer. The Spro Rock Crawler 55 is my favorite deep crank for the spring. It is a smaller profile that dives in the 9-14ft range and is perfect for lakes where bass are holding in slightly deeper water. Fish it fast and aggressive to get the most strikes.

6. Z-Man Jackhammer – Chatterbait

Chatterbaits are killer spring baits on lakes with grass. During the spring grass will start growing back. Bass will sit on these spots even when the grass is just starting back. Chatterbaits are also great for targeting cover like brush or laydowns. When comparing chatterbaits the Jackhammer is second to none. It’s an expensive bait but it’s hands down the best chatterbait on the market. If the jackhammer is out of your budget check out our chatterbait buyers guide for great cheaper options.

Spring Lure Colors

The best colors to use during the spring are reds and bright bold colors. Red craw colors are hard to beat during the spring as bass are seeking out crawfish for a high protein meal before spawning. Bolder and brighter colors are also great during the spring.  Spring is known for lots of rain and that rain brings in a lot of mud which stains the water. So brighter colors will stand out and be easier to see in the murkier water.

Finding Bass in the Spring

Now that you have the right baits for the spring, check out our spring bass fishing guide to learn where bass are going during the spring and how they get there. With the best baits fished in the right spots so you will be in for a great spring on the water.