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Best Swim Jigs and Trailers

Not all swim jigs are created equal, some have bad hooks, poorly designed heads that don’t get through grass the right way, or they don’t create the secondary movement that is key for swim jigs.

Over the years I have tried countless swim jigs and have since really narrowed down the ones I keep stocked in my tackle box.

Best Full Size Swim Jigs

Dirty Jigs Swim Jig

The standard Swim Jig has a rounded head designed to cut through grass. It has a lighter hook than the other two swim jigs I use so it requires less force to get a proper hook set. It’s better when visibility is an issue and you need to use a leader in order to get bites.

This will be your most used swim jig, especially if your body of water doesn’t have giant bass.

Dirty Jigs No–Jack Swim Jig

The No-Jack has the exact same head as the standard but has a thicker and stronger hook. This makes it better for targeting giant bass and preventing the hook from bending out. It’s heart breaking when you hook a giant bass and lose them due to a hook bending out. The No-Jack eliminates this risk.

The down side is you need more force to drive the hook into the fish’s mouth and get a good hook set. The No-Jack is best when water visibility is low, your using straight braid, and you aren’t worried about spooking fish away.

Dirty Jigs California Swim Jig

The California Swim Jig was the first heavy wire hook swim jig ever created. It has the same thick hook as the No-Jack and was invented for anglers who target giant bass that kept having their hooks bend out.

It has a pointed head to split grass but it’s not nearly as smooth as the No-Jack or standard Swim Jig. This allows it break through even the thickest vegetation. There are no other baits that rip holes through the thickest vegetation like the California Swim Jig.

This jig is for those wanting to go through thick vegetation and not over or around it. This hook will not bend out no matter how big of bass you are catching.

Best Bladed Swim Jigs

Megabass Uoze Swimmer

It has the benefit of a swim jig plus the addition of an underspin. This is great when the water is clearer and a little choppy. The blade can be the slight variation you need in these situations. The downside is with the blade it’s not as weedless and a traditional swim jig.

Best Finesse Swim Jigs

Finesse swim jigs are ideal when fishing clearer water or in bodies of water with smaller fish. They can also be great for those targeting spotted or smallmouth bass. Smaller profile swim jigs have their place, I keep my selection small with just two baits.

Dirty Jigs Finesse Swim Jig

The Finesse Swim Jig has a much thinner skirt than Dirty Jigs full size baits. It lacks the inner strands of it’s skirt which helps it puff up more and create secondary action.

This jig has the the best swimming action of any finesse swim jig.

Missile Baits Mini Swim Jig

The Mini Swim Jig has a heavy wire hook, just smaller than full size jigs. This gives you a smaller profile while still having the power to fight a large fish out of cover. Remember, bait fish are not the same size throughout the year. Sometimes your need the smaller profile even when your targeting giant fish.

This bait has the best rocking action of any finesse swim jig.

Best Swim Jig Trailers

Best Full Size Swim Jig Trailers

  • River2Sea D Walker 120 – Shamrock Shad, Ice White, Green Pumpkin Red
    • Large profile, creates a ton of body movement
  • Gambler EZ Swimmer – Gold Rush, Silver Shadow
    • Great as a bluegill imitator
  • Xzone 5.5 Swammer – Green Pumpkin Blue, Electric Shad
    • Creates a lot of body roll

Best Finesse Swim Jigs Trailers

  • Storm 3.5 Largo Shad – Albino Shad, Sexy Shad
  • Xzone 3.5 Swammer – Electric Shad, 309

How to Choose the Perfect Swim Jig

The first thing you need to decide on is do you need a full size or finesse style swim jig. Next, decide how you want to fish around cover. Are you going to be throwing it through wood, thin shoreline grass, or do you need to bust through thick vegetation.

Answering these two questions will allow you to cut down your selection significantly. From there you just need to pair it up to the perfect trailer I outlined above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best weight for a swim jig?

My favorite weight for a swim jig is 1/2 oz. In super thick vegetation I will go up to 3/4 oz. For finesse swim jigs I use 5/16 oz.

Who makes the best swim jig?

Dirty Jigs is my favorite swim jig manufacture, their products make up around 70% of the swim jigs in my tackle box.

Do you put a trailer on a swim jig?

Yes, I always use a trailer when fishing a swim jig. The trailer is what creates the body roll that really helps trigger bites.