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Pumpkinseed State & World Records

Pumpkinseed are one of the most popular sunfish species. Below you will learn what makes a trophy pumpkinseed and the state and world records.

World Record Pumpkinseed

The biggest pumpkinseed ever caught weighted 1 pounds, 8 ounce. This world record was caught on Honeoye Lake in Upstate New York by Robert Warne on May 23, 2016.

Pumpkinseed Records by State

StateWeightLocationCaught ByDate
California1 lbMountain Meadows ReservoirSmith, Dave8/4/1998
Connecticut1 lbLake Marie, WindhamRobyn Rogers5/26/1905
Idaho0.88 lbsChase LakeBob Russell5/30/1905
Maine0.6 lbsKnights PondGregory T. Schmidt9/9/2014
Michigan1.35 lbsBaw Beese LakeRobert William Houser6/26/1905
Minnesota1 lbs 5.6 ozLeech LakeJohn Svihel6/6/1999
Montana15.36 ozUpper Thompson LakeNathan Bache7/30/2006
Nebraska11.25 ozBox Butte ReservoirMitchell Pebley3/19/1993
New Hampshire1 lbs 1.76 ozs.Lake WinnipesaukeeMichael Steffen1/7/2017
New Jersey1 lbs 8 ozFarm Pond in Burlington CountyDaryl Donalson6/9/1905
New York1 lb 9 ozBlack RiverJordan Tontarski1/26/2020
North Carolina1 lbs 6 ozTrent RiverJohn Koonce5/21/2003
Ohio1.1 lbsPortage County Farm PondScott Boykin6/12/2009
Oregon7.68 ozLake OswegoLinda Mar6/18/1905
Rhode Island13.6 ozBlock IslandJ. Agosta8/1/2020
South Carolina2 lbs 4 ozNorth Saluda RiverScott Hart6/19/1905
South Dakota12 ozLake CarthagePat McCart5/28/1970
Tennessee5 ozDogwood LakeLynn Middleton6/14/1998
Vermont1 lb 4 ozLake BomoseenLogan Bathalon7/8/2012
Washington1 lbLake TerrellBarbie Hathawayn7/2/2007
Wisconsin1 lb 3.4 ozSilver Lake5/31/2020
States not listed don’t have a pumkinseed record on the books.

What state has the pumpkinseed?

New York is the state with the largest pumpkinseed caught in the United States. It weighed 1 lb 9 oz and was caught on Silver Lake by Jordan Tontarski in 2020.

What is the average size pumpkinseed?

The average size pumpkinseed seen in the wild are 5 – 6 inches long and weigh less than a 1/2 lb. This is much smaller than the world record of 1 lb 9 oz.

What size pumpkinseed is considered a trophy?

A trophy size pumpkinseed is over 8 inches long or weights more than 9 oz.