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Best Freshwater Fish Attractants

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1. Pro-Cure Super Gel

Pro-Cure Super Gel is made with real prawns and shrimp which gives it a natural fishy smell and taste. It’s a translucent red color that looks like blood. With the smell, taste, and blood visual it does a great job at mimicking an injured fish.

It’s a super sticky gel consistency that helps keep it on baits longer without washing off. The downside to this is you have to be very careful when applying it to not get it on your clothes, seats, or carpet.

Pro-Cure is great for attracting bass, catfish, crappie, muskie, walleye, and trout.

2. Baitmate Classic – Best Attractant Spray

Baitmate Classic is made with fish oils which give off a natural fish smell and pheromones. This scent is designed to lure in predators and trigger a feed response.

Because it’s oil-based this attractant can be sprayed on which makes applying it easier and less messy. The downside to this is doesn’t last as long and needs to be applied more than gel alternatives. I tend to reapply every 30 minutes or so on hard baits, soft plastics tend to retain the scent much longer and only need to be sprayed when you switch to a new soft plastic.

Baitmate comes in formulas designed for bass, catfish, crappie, and panfish.

3. Spike It Garlic – Best Attractant for Soft Plastic Baits

Spike It is my go to attractant to apply to soft plastics. Along with adding scent, it also dyes soft plastics a chartreuse color. I found this is great for dying the tips of jig skirts or soft baits to add a visual draw to your baits.

I apply this attractant by dipping the bait into the jar. This stuff stains everything it comes in contact with so be very carful when applying. Additionally the smell is very strong so I recommend only applying in open air. It will smell up your car, garage, or house for days if you open it up in a confined space.

Spike It is designed for bass and catfish.

4. Spike It Tournament Strength – Best Attractant for Bass

All the great aspects if the Spike It dip but with a stronger scent and in spray form. Again avoid spraying this in a confined space or getting it on you. The smell will stick around for a long time.

5. SLABSAUCE – Best Attractants for Crappie

SLABSAUCE is specifically designed for crappie fishing but I’ve also caught bass, catfish, and panfish when using it. It’s a spray attractant that can be used on hard baits and soft plastics.

It smells like just like shad so its very natural and does a great job at drawing in fish and tricking them into keeping in their mouths longer.

If you are a crappie angler this spray is a must try.