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How to Catch Bass During a Rain Storm

Fishing in the rain can be one of the best times to catch bass. Fishing in the rain is most often associated with springtime but it can be just as effective during the summer as well.

How the Intensity of Rain Matters When Fishing

The intensity of rain plays a major role in how you should approach your day on the water. Bass behave differently depending on the intensity of the rain.

Fishing in Light to Moderate Rain

A light to moderate rain with little to no wind is the ideal situation for catching bass in the rain. With these conditions, your water should remain fairly clear which will allow you to pull bass from further distances.

When you have clear water and rain big fish that are normally inactive get active and offer a great opportunity to catch giant bass.

Fishing During Heavy Rain

In super heavy rain situations, bass typically don’t want to chase bait. In these situations, bass tend to hug the bottom and are less aggressive. To catch these fish you want to slow down and use bottom contact baits.

During a heavy rainstorm, it is common for the runoff to muddy the water and in those circumstances, I recommend you read our muddy water fishing guide for additional tips.

Best Lures for Catching Bass in the Rain

  1. Topwater Walking Bait- in clearwater during rain it is hard to beat a topwater walking lure. They can pull big fish up 1oft or more and are extremely effective. If visibility is slightly less in the 2-3ft range then a topwater buzzbait is an excellent alternative.
  2. Spinnerbait – Spinnerbaits are great during the rain especially if the water is a little choppy. If it’s prespawn I like to size up and if it’s post-spawn I size down a bit. In rainy conditions, I fish spinnerbaits fast and along the bank. You can cover a lot of water and draw a ton of bites.
  3. Swimbaits – Large paddle tail swimbaits are excellent in the rain. Bass are notorious for following these types of baits but when it is raining they are far more likely to eat them. I like to fish these along main lake points or around any cover like I would a spinnerbait.
  4. Glidebaits – Similar to large paddle tails, glidebaits are great for targeting bigger bass in the rain. In clear water, glidebaits have amazing drawing power and with the addition to rain makes them killer baits.
  5. Heavy Jigs – In heavy rain situations, a large jig is hard to beat. Fish it around shallow cover along the bank or near docks offer an excellent opportunity during heavy rain.

Now that you know how to successfully fish in the rain, learn about other fishing conditions.