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Braided Line Strand Count – Which is Better 4 Vs 8

Not all braided line is created the same. There are a ton of different manufacturers and each brand offers multiple types of braid. That isn’t by mistake, each type of braid is designed for specific applications. Don’t buy the wrong braid for what you want to do. Below we will help you decide which type is best for you.

Which is stronger 4 strand or 8 strand braid?

Both 4 and 8 strand braid have the same breaking strength. The difference between the two comes down to their abrasion resistance and the applications that they are designed for.

Which is better 4 or 8 strands braided fishing line?

Braided line is available in many different options when it comes to how many strands they are made of. A line made with 4 strands will be made up of 4 larger strands woven together. A line with 8 strands is made with 8 smaller strands woven together.

A line with more strands will produce a tighter, more circular, and smoother line due to each strand being smaller. Line with fewer strands will have more gaps in it due to being made up with fewer larger strands. Why does this matter and which is better?

4 strand braided line is better when fishing around rocks and in vegetation. The reason for this is that thicker strands are more abrasion-resistant. It is harder to scrape through thicker strands than thinner strands. As we mentioned above, fewer thicker strands produce more gaps in the line. Those gaps can act like saw blades that will help cut through vegetation much easier.

8 strand braided line is better for fishing around wood cover and finesse techniques. The reason for this is that a smoother line won’t dig into wood as much as a line with fewer strands. As we mentioned above fewer thicker strands produce more gaps. Those gaps can act like saw blades that will cut into wood and increase the chance of getting hung up.

More strands are better for finesse techniques because they are limper and won’t affect the action as much. Additionally, line with more strands is smoother which allows it to get through your rod guides easier and makes it more aerodynamic. This allows you to cast further when using smaller baits.

4 vs 8 Strand Braid Knot Strength

Braided line with more strands will hold their knot better than lines with fewer strands. Most of the time though, this doesn’t matter much because when you use braid you tend to use heavier strengths. I very rarely have a knot break when using a braided line. You are much more likely to have a braided knot slip off than for it to break.

Final Thoughts

Braided fishing lines are not all made the same. Each has a use depending on the situation. You will get frustrated if you try using a less strained braid flipping into wood all day. You would get hung up much more than if you went with a line with more strands.

You will get frustrated if you try using a higher strained braid in vegetation. It will be much harder to rip your bait through than a lower stranded line.

Both have their benefits. Luckily braid lasts a very long time and doesn’t need to be replaced very often. I keep both high and low-stranded braid on a few reels so I can choose based on my needs.

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