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Best Neko Rig Weights &Hooks

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Best Overall Hook

Best Weedless Hook

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Best Weights for Neko Rigs

Neko rigs use a nail or screw style weight that can be headless or have a head. Each style comes in either lead or tungsten.

If you fish a lot of rock piles or stained water, weights with exposed heads can help by adding clicking noises as you hop them along bottom. Otherwise, headless nails will offer the most finesse presentation.

Best Nail Weights

Best Weights with Heads:

DIY Neko Weights

You can save a few bucks by going the diy route by using 1/2″ – 1″ drywall screws. To make them headless you can cut the heads off with bolt cutters.

Neko Weight Size by Depth

Under 5ft1/32oz
Over 20ft1/4oz

Best Hooks for Neko Rigs

Best Overall Neko Rig Hooks

My favorite neko rig hooks are Owner Mosquito hooks. Owner makes super strong hooks that can handle large bass while maintaining a small size. Mosquito hooks have a minimal effect on the action of your neko worm.

This allows your worm to slowly flutter as it sinks down to the bottom. That slow sinking flutter is what most often triggers a bite on a neko rig.

Best Weedless Neko Rig Hooks

The Gamakatsu G-Finesse is my favorite weedless neko rig hook. If are fishing in grass or around thick cover then switching to weedless neko hook will go a long way in preventing getting hung up.

These hooks are super strong for their size and razor sharp. G-Finesse hooks are great for pulling big fish out of heavy cover.

Best Hook Size for Neko Rigs

When choosing a hook for the neko rig you want to use a small enough hook to minimize the impact on the action while also having enough hook exposed to get a good hook set. I use two sized when fishing a neko rig: 1/0 and 2/0.

Worm SizeNeko Hook Size
5″ Worms1/0 Hook
6″ Worms2/0 Hook

Gear Up for Neko Rig Fishing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a worm hook for a neko rig?

A worm hook is not ideal for a neko rig due to it’s longer shank. The long shank affects the action of your worm more than a small circle style hook while not providing any benefit.

Can you use circle hooks for neko rig?

Circle hooks are the best style for neko rig fishing. Circle hooks are minimal in size while having a wide enough gap to get through a worm and still have enough exposed hook.

How do I rig a neko rig?

The neko rig is one of the simplest ways to rig a worm. We have an in-depth guide on how to setup and rig a neko worm.