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Bass Fishing Tournaments

Bass fishing tournaments can be a fun way to add competition into fishing. It also give anglers are way to monetize their love for bass fishing.

National Bass Fishing Tournaments


Bassmaster is the largest bass fishing tournament organization. They have multiple tournament series for all skill levels including: Classic, Elite Series, Open, Kayak, College, High School, and Junior.


MLF or Major League Fishing is the second largest bass fishing tournament organization. MLF has 8 circuits including: Bass Pro Tour, General Tire Team Series, Tackle Warehouse Invitationals, Toyota Series, Phoenix Bass Fishing League, Abu Garcia College Fishing, and High School Fishing.

Kayak Fishing Tournaments

With the price of bass boats skyrocketing, many anglers are turning to kayak fishing for a more reasonably priced option. Due to the growing popularity, more and more tournaments are popping up for kayak anglers.

The two biggest kayak tournaments are KBF (Kayak Bass Fishing) and Kayak Bass Nation.

Online Fishing Tournaments

Online tournaments allow you to compete with anglers throughout the country without the need to travel. Online tournaments work by uploading photos of your catches on an approved measuring board along with a timestamp from specific day of the tournament.

Online tournaments often have a much smaller entry fees and prizes which makes them good for anglers new to tournament fishing.

Youth Bass Fishing Tournaments

National and local tournaments for kids of all ages are popping up throughout the country to help introduce more people to tournament bass fishing.

Bassmaster has tournament series for kids of all ages from their Junior Series which is for kids 11-4 and 15-18 as well as both High School and College specific tours. MLF also has circuits for both High School and College students.

Along with the large national tournaments most states now have local tournaments for kids of all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tournament Fishing

What is the difference between Major League Fishing and Bassmasters?

Major League Fishing has a catch, weigh, and immediate release format. Bassmaster uses a traditional live weigh in where anglers weigh their five biggest bass at the end of each day.

How much does it cost to enter a pro bass tournament?

The price to enter pro bass tournaments varies depending on the circuit. Bassmaster tournaments cost $1,800 per event, while MLF tournaments cost $5,000 per event.

What is the highest paid bass tournament?

The Bassmaster Classic is the bass tournament with the highest payout with $300,000 going to the winner.