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Rock Bass State & World Records

Rock bass are one of the most popular panfish species. Below you will learn what makes a trophy rock bass and the state and world records.

World Record Rock Bass

The biggest rock bass ever caught weighted 3 pounds. This world record was caught on the York River in Ontario, Canada by Herbert Ratner, Jr in 1998.

Rock Bass Records by State

StateWeightLocationCaught ByDate
Alabama1 lb 6 ozPaint Rock RiverJames R. Stewart5/6/1995
Arizona8.7 ozOak CreekBuzz Hettick4/21/2002
Arkansas1 lb 8 ozNorfork Lake (Clear Creek)Jerry Heard8/2/1982
Colorado1.08 lbsRamah Reservoir (El Paso County)Timothy Fisk
Connecticut1 lbsColebrook Reservoir, ColebrookErnie Gonsalves6/11/1905
Illinois1 lbs 10 ozAux Sable CreekGeorge Nielson5/5/1987
Indiana3 lbSugar Creek, Hancock CountyDavid Thomas5/22/1905
Iowa1 lbs 8 ozMississippi RiverJim Driscoll6/1/1973
Kentucky1 lb 10 ozs.Casey CreekH.S. White5/26/1975
Maryland1.5 lbsThurmont Farm PondEarl Jenkins IV​
Minnesota2 lbsLake OsakisPaul Kern5/10/1998
Missouri2 lbs 12 ozBig Piney RiverWilliam J. Rod6/15/1968
Montana13.12 ozLower Crazy Head Springs ReservoirLance Dennis5/14/2010
Nebraska2 lbs 4 ozprivate pondEdna Zuege5/6/1972
New Hampshire1 lb 8 ozs.Island PondLinc Chamberland9/18/1982
New Jersey1 lbs 5 ozSaddle RiverEric Avogardo6/4/1905
New York2 lbPort Bay (Lake Ontario), Wayne Co.Jason Leusch5/24/2020
Ohio1.97 lbsDeer Creek near LondonGeorge A Keller9/3/1932
Pennsylvania3 lb 2 ozElk CreekDavid L. Weber5/24/1905
South Dakota2 lbsLewis & Clark LakeJoe A. Kippes7/14/1990
Tennessee2 lbs 8 ozStones RiverBill Sanford5/11/1905
Texas13.28 ozSan Marcos RiverChad Thomas10/9/1997
Vermont2 lbsLake ChamplainBrad French7/16/1981
Virginia2 lbs 2 ozLaurel Bed LakeLarry Ball5/17/1986
Washington1 lbs 6 ozSteilacoom LakeWilliam Jackson6/28/1981
West Virginia1.75 lbsBig Sandy CreekWarren Ryan5/17/1905
Wisconsin2 lbs 15 ozShadow Lake6/2/1990
Wyoming1 lbsSheridan County PondRandy Reece5/12/2007

What state has the biggest rock bass?

Pennsylvania is the state with the largest rock bass caught in the United States. It weighed 3 lbs and was caught on Lake Erie.

What is the average size rock bass?

The average size rock bass seen in the wild falls in the 5-8 inch range, weighing around 1lb. This is much smaller than the world record of 3 lbs.

What size rock bass is considered a trophy?

Rock bass start to be considered trophy size at 10 inches long.