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Grass Carp Records State & World Records

Grass carp are one of the most fun freshwater species to fish for. Below you will learn what makes a trophy grass carp and the state and world records.

World Record Grass Carp

The biggest grass carp ever caught weighted 87 pounds, 10 ounces. This world record was caught at the Piasuchnik Dam in Bulgaria in 2009.

Grass Carp Records by State

StateWeightLocationCaught ByDate
Alabama73 lbsGuntersville ReservoirBradley D. Bridges, Sr., Bryant4/10/2012
Colorado57.8125 lbsCottonwood Park LakeBrian Husmann7/5/1905
Hawaii15 lbsWailoa RiverAvery Berido9/13/2013
Idaho46.7 lbsSnake RiverCris Endicott10/10/2021
Illinois66 lbs 8 ozLake PetersburgMark S. Metzger7/8/1998
Indiana69.0 lbsWestons PondDaniel Goss7/10/1905
Iowa61 lbs 8 ozGreenfield LakeTyler Warner5/1/1998
Kansas77.75 lbsAtchison State Fishing LakeKenneth Mosby JR9/30/2012
Kentucky58 lbs 8ozs.Forest Lawn LakeRobert Marsh6/17/2009
Mississippi48.4 lbsCameron Plantation LakeAndy Welch2/29/2004
Missouri69 lbsCrowder S.P.Jim Shull11/13/2002
Nebraska64 lbsWILSON CREEK 2XMalik Solunovic8/29/2004
New Jersey55 lbs 8 ozCurlis LakeJames Dempsey, Jr.7/3/1905
North Carolina68 lbs 12 ozSummerlins PondDavid W. Stowell6/8/1998
Oklahoma68 lbs 15.20 ozChelsea City LakeJereme Budgick4/5/2008
Texas44 lbsBastrop BayouJack Singleton2/10/1998
West Virginia52.5 lbsPond (Mason County)Joseph R. Spencer, II6/24/1905

What state has the largest grass carp?

Kansas is the state with the largest grass carp caught in the United States. It weighed 77.75 lbs and was caught on Atchison State Fishing Lake by Kenneth Mosby JR on September 30, 2012.

What is the average size grass carp?

The average size grass carp seen in the wild are 10-20 lbs and 2-3ft long. This is much smaller than the world record of 87 lbs.

What size grass carp is considered a trophy?

Grass carp start to be considered trophy at 30 lbs.