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Redbreast Sunfish State & World Records

There are 9 states that track record redbreast sunfish caught in their state. Below you will learn what makes a trophy redbreast sunfish and the state and world records.

World Record Redbreast Sunfish

The IGFA all tackle world record for the redbreast sunfish is 1 lb 12 oz caught on the Suwannee River in Florida.

A new catch in 2022 is pending a world record tie. Lester Roberts caught a redbreast weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces that was 11 3/8 inches long on the Satilla River.

Redbreast Sunfish Records by State

StateWeightLocationCaught ByDate
Alabama1 lb 4 ozChoctawhatchee RiverArchie Russ, Brantley6/12/2010
Florida2.08 lbsSuwannee RiverJerrel Dewees, Jr.4/29/1988
Georgia1 lb 11 ozCoweta Co. PondEmory Walden4/1/1998
Kentucky0.88 lbsMarsh CreekTim King9/1/1997
Maryland0.8 lbsVacant
North Carolina1 lbs 12 ozBig SwampRonald Stanley5/29/1983
South Carolina2 lbsLumber RiverD. R. Turner5/28/1905
Tennessee1 lb 5 ozHolston RiverR. W. Gillespie6/22/1974
Texas1 lbs 10.08 ozComal RiverAlex Labowski8/30/1997

What state has the redbreast sunfish?

Florida is the state with the largest redbreast sunfish caught in the United States. It weighed 2 lbs 0.08 oz and was caught on the Suwannee River by Jerrel Dewees, Jr. in 1988.

What is the average size redbreast sunfish?

The average size redbreast sunfish seen in the wild are 4 – 6 inches long and weigh less than a pound. This is much smaller than the world record of 15.5 lbs.

What size redbreast sunfish is considered a trophy?

A trophy size redbreast is 8 inches long and larger.