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Best Jigs for Bass Fishing

Jigs are many angler’s favorite lure because of how effective they are at catching bass. They are also fairly easy to use so they are great lures for beginners.

They are also extremely versatile and have a high skill ceiling making them great for advanced and pro anglers as well. Jig fishing is a huge category that has a ton of different baits.

Below I simplify the jig buying experience by giving you specific recommendations and when to use them.

Best Swim Jigs

Dirty Jigs Swim Jig

The Swim Jig by Dirty Jigs is my favorite swim jig to use in open water or light cover. It has a sharp 5/0 3X heavy wire hook that can handle even the biggest bass. A durable skirt that provides great secondary action. Dirty Jigs offers a ton of great colors, you can find my favorites below. For this bait, I use sizes 5/16-1/2 oz.

Colors: Threadfin Shad, Crappie, Alabama Bream

Dirty Jigs California Swim Jig

The California Swim Jig by Dirty Jigs is a heavier wired swim jig. It has a no jack hook that is basically impossible to bend out. You can use super heavy line and pull giant bass out of even the thickest cover. I use sizes 1/2 – 3/4 oz for thick grass and heavy cover.

Colors: Tactical Shad, Alabama Bream, Citrus Shad

Best Flippin Jigs

Dirty Jigs Tour Level No-Jack Flipping Jig

The No-Jack Flipping is another great jig from Dirty Jigs. It has the same super-strong no jack hook as the California Swim Jig. It is designed to be fished in and get through heavy cover. With this flipping jig you can use brute force to get bass out of cover quickly without worrying about bending out your hook.  I use sizes 1/2-3/4 oz.

Colors: Hematoma, Go To, Molting Craw

Best All-Around Jigs

Dirty Jigs Tour Level Pitchin’ Jig

The Pitchin’ Jig has an arkie style jig head, meaning it is rounded. This style head can get through just about any type of cover. This makes it a great all-around jig that can be fished anywhere by anyone and be effective. With that said it isn’t the best at getting through grass or fishing on a mud bottom. Other style jigs still have their place but the Pitchin’ Jig is great for fishing new bodies of water or anglers that want to use just one jig. I stick to the standard 1/2 oz size when using this jig.

Colors: Go To, Okeechobee 420, Green Pumpkin Craw

Dirty Jigs Luke Clausen Compact Pitchin’ Jig

The Compact Pitchin’ Jig has a similar design as the Tour Level Pichin’ Jig but comes in a smaller profile. This jig is good when water is clearer or and you need a slightly more finesse presentation. The hook is thinner wire so you are able to use a lighter line and still set the hook. For an all-around smaller profile I use sizes 3/8-1/2 oz.

Colors: Alabama Craw, Go To, Okeechobee 420

Best Football Jigs

Bass Patrol Round Rubber Football Jig

The Round Rubber has a living rubber skirt that puffs up more than a typical jig skirt. In the water, the skirt flaring up gives a jig it’s secondary action. The extra skirt flare is the reason the Round Rubber the best football jig on the market. I use sizes 3/8-1/2 oz when fishing mud bottoms.

Colors: Brown/Orange, Brown/Purple, Brown/Black

Dirty Jigs Tour Level Finesse Football Jig

By now it’s no secret that I am a big fan Dirty Jigs and their Finesse Football jig is no different. It is my go-to football jig in sizes 3/8-5/8 oz.

Colors: Go To, Molting Craw, Bever Craw, Supermatt Brown

Best Finesse Jigs

Dirty Jigs Luke Clausen Finesse Jig

Dirty Jigs Finesse Jig is a smaller jig that can be used with a spinning rod or light baitcaster. A finesse jig is a do-everything worm replacement bait. If you fish a drop shot or shaky head a lot then this jig is an excellent alternative and will result in bigger fish. There is something about jigs that just draw bigger bites than worms. I use sizes 5/16-3/8 oz.

Colors: Alabama Craw, Go To, Supermatt Brown

Best Micro Jigs

Keitech Tungsten Football Jig

Keitech Tungsten Football is a micro jig that has a tungsten head. The tungsten head allows you to pack more weight in a smaller head. This allows you to reach deeper fish while staying in a small profile without having to wait all day for it to sink. The extra weight also helps keep the bait from washing away when fishing water with a strong current. Sizes 1/4-1/2 oz are a good alternative to the ned rig.

Colors: Green Pump/Black, Green Pump/Blue, Brown/Purple

Jewel Baits Pee-Wee Football Jig

The Pee-Wee Football is even smaller than the Keitech. It also has a thinner skirt so it is a very small profile jig. The Pee-Wee has a lead head so it is better in smaller wights 3/16-7/16 oz and in shallower water.

Colors: 1st Down, Hail Mary, PB and J

Best Jig Trailers

Best Swim Jigs Trailers

RiverSea D Walker: Colors: PB Red, Shamrock Shad, Silverside Sizes: 100mm for Skirted Swim, 120mm for California Swim

Best Flippin/ All-Around Jigs Trailers

Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver: Colors: Green Pumpkin Red, Magic Craw Swirl, Tramp Stamp

Best Football Jigs Trailers

Big Bite Baits Double Tail Finesse Grub: Colors: Tilapia, Green Pumpkin

Best Finesse Jigs Trailers

Yamamoto Double Tail Grub: Colors: Cinn Blk Purple, Green Pump purple, Smoke Blk/Purple

Best Micro Jigs Trailers

What Color Jig is the Best

Like with all fishing lures there are tons of colors to choose from. You could spend a fortune collecting colors and over complicating it but you really don’t have to.

For jig fishing, there are four base colors: black, brown, green pumpkin, and watermelon. You can be successful jig fishing anywhere in the country, in any condition and all you really need is a detailed color in each of the 4 base colors.

My favorites are black-blue, green pumpkin brown, brown-purple, and watermelon green pumpkin. From there you can use your trailers to modify your overall color and really fine-tune your lures.