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Best Drop Shot Hooks

Hooks are a crucial piece of tackle needed to fish a drop shot. With so many ways to rig or fish a drop shot there isn’t one best hook. Below you will find the best hooks for each style of dropshotting.

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Best Dropshot Hook for Nose Hooking

When fishing open water where there is minimal risk of getting hung up, nose hooking your drop shot is the best option. This is done by hooking the bait through the nose and exposing the hook point.

When rigging a drop shot bait through the nose I use an Owner mosquito light hook. This hook is very light so it hardly changes the action of the bait. I like to work dropshots slow by giving my baits a light pop then pausing. On the pause the bait will very slowly sinks back down. A heavier hook would make the bait sink much faster. I get most bites on the slow fall.

Best Weedless Dropshot Hook

A drop shot is an excellent technique for fishing in and around grass and vegetation. To prevent getting hund up in these situations you can texas rig your drop shot. This will make your setup weedless.

There are two great weedless options for dropshot hooks depending on the rod you are using:

Best Dropshot Hook for Wacky Rigging

For wacky rigging a drop shot I use Gamakatsu TGW hooks. These hooks are also my go-to when using creature baits that require a larger hook gap. The extra gap size will greatly increase your hookup ratio on thicker baits and when wacky rigging.

Choosing a Drop Shot Hook Size

Dropshot hooks come in a wide range of sizes which can make it difficult to know which is best. In general you want to use the smallest hook you can get away with. For bass #1 and 1/0 size dropshot hooks are best.

SpeciesDrop Shot Hook Size
Pan Fish#8 – #4
Crappie#4 – #1
Bass#1 – 1/0
Walleye1/0 – 2/0