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Common Carp Records State & World Records

Common carp are one of the most fun freshwater species to fish for. Below you will learn what makes a trophy common carp and the state and world records.

World Record Common Carp

The biggest common carp ever caught weighted 75 pounds, 11 ounces. This world record was caught in Lac de St. Cassien, France by Leo van der Gugten in 1987.

Common Carp Records by State

Alabama35 lbsBear CreekDarrin Jackson4/19/1980
Arizona42 lbsLake HavasuGary Ramsfield1979
Colorado35.31 lbsGlenmere ParkAdam Wickam6/23/1905
Connecticut43 lbsConnecticut RiverMichael Hudak7/4/1905
Florida35 lbsVACANT1/1/2001
Georgia35 lb 12 ozLake JacksonRev. Donald Clark5/25/1905
Idaho34 lbsSnake RiverHenry Charlier5/3/2021
Indiana43 lb 4 ozPike LakeRussell Long6/11/1905
Kentucky54 lbs 14 ozs.South Fork Licking RiverRicky Vance3/13/1971
Louisiana35 lbsBussey BrakeJames D. Rodgers, Jr.1981
Maine16.3 lbsKennebec RiverSamuel Foster9/14/2022
Michigan61.50 lbsWolf LakeDale E. France5/27/1905
Missouri56 ozRothwell Park LakeRussell Tarr6/2/1996
New Hampshire35 lbs 13.12 ozs.Merrimack RiverDonald St. Lawrence5/16/2015
New York50 lb 6 ozTomhannock ReservoirCharles Primeau Sr.5/12/1995
Ohio50 lbsPaint CreekJudson Holton5/24/1967
Oklahoma39 lbs 10.40 ozGrady Co. PondBrandon Hughes4/23/2002
Pennsylvania52 lbJunita RiverGeorge Brown5/15/1905
South Dakota37 lbsWaubay LakeDavid Koslowski4/20/2001
Virginia49 lbs 4 ozLake PrinceJeff Graham6/25/1986
West Virginia47 lbsPond (Preston County)Gary Johnson6/20/1905
Wisconsin57 lbs 2 ozLake Wisconsin8/28/1966

What state has the largest common carp?

Michigan is the state with the largest common carp caught in the United States. It weighed 61.50 lbs and was caught on Wolf Lake by Dale E. France on May 27, 1905.

What is the average size common carp?

The average size common carp seen in the wild are 1-8 lbs and 1-2ft long. This is much smaller than the world record of 75 lbs 11 oz.

What size common carp is considered a trophy?

Common carp start to be considered trophy at 35 inches long.