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Best Ned Rig Heads & Hook Sizes

Best Ned Rig Jig Heads

There are two great heads that I like to use when fishing a ned rig. The first is the Swagger Tackle’s Flanders Ned Head which comes with a 2X hook. 2X hooks are super strong so I never have to worry about them bending out, even if I hook a giant bass. I also like how they engrave the weight on the head. This makes it easy to pick the correct weight out of your tackle box. Another advantage of the Flanders Head is it’s made with tungsten.

The benefit of tungsten is it’s much denser than lead so the head is smaller than the same weighted lead head. Additionally, tungsten transfers contact better than lead so you can better feel what is happening at the end of your line. The downside to tungsten is it’s more expensive.

If you fish in places where you get hung up and break off a lot or are on a budget then an Owner Block Head is a good cheaper option. The Block Head is made of lead so you get a slightly bigger and less sensitive head but at a cheaper price. The great thing about this head is it’s made by Owner so you know you are getting a super-strong hook that won’t break or bend even if you catch a giant.

Bonus Tip: Try painting a ned head chartreuse. The chartreuse head can give your bait a bit extra pop to draw in more fish.

Best Ned Rig Hook Sizes

When I fish a ned rig I use either a 1/16 oz or 1/4 oz hook. These two weights give you both a slow and fast sink rate. These two extremes generate the most bites.

Super light ned heads prevent your bait from sinking straight down. Dying baitfish don’t sink straight down so neither should your bait. When fishing a ned rig I always try a light 1/16 oz ned head first.

When fishing a light ned rig the ideal sink rate is 1ft per second. In 10 feet of water, you will want 8-10 seconds of your bait slowing drifting and fluttering down. That slow fall is what will generate the majority of your bites.

When I’m not getting bites with a light head I’ll try the opposite and jump to a much heavier head 1/4 oz head. A much faster fall will look less natural but it forces the fish to make a split-second decision which can trigger them to bite.

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