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Fishing License for Seniors – Age & Price by State

Fishing is a great activity for senior citizens. Many states offer free or discounted licenses to encourage seniors to fish more. We’ve researched the requirements and pricing for senior licenses for each state.

Our research found:

  • 14 states offer free licenses for seniors.
  • 35 states offer discounted licenses for seniors.
  • Wyoming is the only state that doesn’t offer discounts for senior fishing licenses.

The map below shows which states offer discounts and which states offer free fishing for seniors.

States That Offer Senior Fishing Licenses

Map showing each state's senior fishing license offerings.

Senior Fishing License Age Eligibility & Cost

The age required to be eligible for a senior fishing license range from 60 to 89 years old, with the most common age being 65. 14 states offer free licenses. The average cost of discounted senior fishing licenses is $9.50.

StateSenior AgePrice
Alabama65 and olderFree
Alaska60 and olderFree
Arizona70 and olderFree
Arkansas65 and older$10.50
California65 and older (low income)$9.01
Colorado65 and older$10.23
Connecticut65 and olderFree
Delaware65 and olderFree
Florida65 and olderFree
Georgia65 and older$7.00
Hawaii60 and older$1.00
Idaho65 and older$13.75
Illinois65 and older$7.75
Indiana64 and older$3.00
Iowa65 and olderLifetime – $61.50
Kansas65 and older$15
Kentucky65 and older$12.00
Louisiana60 and older$5.00
Maine70 and older$8.00
Maryland65 and older$5.00
Massachusetts70 and olderFree
Michigan65 and older$11.00
Minnesota89 and olderFree
Mississippi65 and olderFree
Missouri65 and olderFree
Montana62 and older$8.00
Nebraska69 and older$5.00
Nevada65 and older$15.00
New Hampshire68 and olderFree
New Jersey70 and older$12.50
New Mexico70 and olderFree
New York70 and olderFree
North Carolina65 and older$16.00
North Dakota65 and older$5.00
Ohio66 and older$10.00
Oklahoma65 and olderLifetime – $25.00
Oregon70 and older$6.00
Pennsylvania65 and older$11.97
Rhode Island65 and olderFree
South Carolina64 and olderLifetime – $9.00
South Dakota65 and older$12.00
Tennessee65 and older$4.00
Texas65 and older$12.00
Utah65 and older$25.00
Vermont66 and olderLifetime – $60.00
Virginia65 and older$9.00
Washington70 and older$7.50
West Virginia65 and olderLifetime – $25.00
Wisconsin65 and older$7.00

Most States have a free fishing day where anyone can fish without needing a license.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age do you no longer need a fishing license?

The average age to be eligible for a senior fishing license is 65 years old.

How much is a fishing license for senior citizens?

The average cost of a senior fishing license is $9.50.

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