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Best Fall Bass Fishing Lures


As bass start to move up shallow one of the best baits to use subsurface is a squarebill. They are excellent this time of the year for targeting grass that hasn’t died back yet. You want to work your squarebill over the grass and as it drops into the grass give it some pop and rip it through. The erratic motion coming through the grass is what will drive bass to bite.

Recommended Squarebills

Rattling Squarebill – River2Sea Biggie Poppa

Colors: Abalone Shad, Gizzard Shad, Cold Blooded

Silent Squarebill – Lucky Craft 1.5

Colors: Golden Shiner, TO Craw, Ghost Minnow

2. Topwater

Fall is arguably the best time for throwing topwater. Bass are moving up shallow chasing baitfish. They are feeding more heavily, trying to bulk up before winter. Look for ripples in the water and fish blowing up on the surface.

Recommended Topwater

Damiki D Pop 70

Colors: Real Shad, Phantom

River2Sea Whopper Plopper 110

Colors: Bone, Loon

3. Chatterbait

Chatterbaits are great during fall for fishing up shallow along the shore or anywhere grass or lily pads haven’t died back yet. Fish them along the bottom on a steady retrieve. You can add in the occasional short pause or a quick reel turn burst to add erratic movement. The occasional erratic action can help draw in reaction bites.

Recommended Chatterbaits & Trailer

Z-Man Jackhammer

Colors: Green Pumpkin Shad, Green Shad

Z-Man Chatterbait Custom

Colors: Chartreuse Shad, Green Pumpkin

Trailer – HogFarmer Bait Spunk Shad

Colors: Blizzard Gizzard, Ghost Minnow

4. Deep Diving Crankbait

During the fall many bass will group up and create mega schools down deep. If you can find them you will have a great day of fishing. In this situation, it is not uncommon to catch 20+ fish from one school. Deep diving crankbaits are perfect in this situation and are the reason they are my personal favorite style of fishing. Fish deep cranks fast covering as much water as you can until you find a school.

Recommended Deep Diving Crankbaits

Strike King 10XD

Colors: Chartreuse Sexy Shad, Powder Blue Back Char

6th Sense Cloud 9 C20

Colors: Lanvander Citrus, Chartreuse Spank

5. Spoon

Flutter spoons are one of the best lures for mimicking a dying baitfish. They are perfect for targeting the same deep schools as the deep-diving crankbaits but often draw in the bigger fish at the bottom of the school. Most often the smaller bass will be up top in the school striking at baitfish above burning lots of energy. The larger bass will stay at the bottom of the school conserving energy and waiting for injured baitfish to sink down to them. This is where spoons thrive and give you the perfect option for targeting the biggest fish in the school.

Recommended Spoon

Nichols Lake Fork Flutter Spoon

Colors: Silver Chrome, Super Shad