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Best Lures & Techniques for Bass Fishing

Bass anglers use a wide range of lures and techniques for catching bass depending on the conditions, location, or time of the year. With all these options it can be overwhelming knowing what you need.

My collection of baits has grown larger than my bank account might like but it has allowed me to really test and hone in on what makes bass bite throughout the year.

Below I will walk you through the best baits for bass, when to use them, and tips to be more successful.

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Best Bass Lures


Chatterbaits are moving baits that produce a vibration with their blade that attracts bass. They can be fished at just about any depth. Chatterbaits are great for fishing around vegetation, along bottom, as well as open water. You don’t need a boat or kayak so they are great for shore fishing. I use chatterbaits spring through summer.

Chatterbait recommendations


Crankbaits are diving lures that can target a range of depths. They are great for covering a lot of water and times when bass are aggressive. Crankbaits are personal my favorite lure to use during the spring and summer. Because crankbait dive and often strike bottom, they will often get hung up when fishing from shore. This makes them better for those fishing from a boat or kayak.


Jerkbaits are minnow profile lures that as designed to be jerked to create bursts of erratic movement. They typically don’t dive very deep with most staying with 10ft of the surface. Jerkbaits are ideal for targeting suspended fish. They thrive in cooler water in the fall and winter but can be used year-round.

Jerkbait recommendations


Jigs are one of the most consistent lures for catching bass. They can be fished in just about any type of cover, anywhere in the country, and every situation. They are super consistent and tend to catch larger fish. From the pros to the weekend warriors, it would be hard to find an angler without at least one jig in their tackle box.

Jig recommendations


Spinnerbaits are one of the best bass lures of all time. The blades produce a vibration that bass can feel and a flash that mimics schooling bait fish. This paired with the movement of the skirt and the wiggle of your trailer makes spinnerbaits a killer bass lure.

Spinnerbaits are easy fish, all you need is a simple straight retrieve. This with their ability to pull bass from a great distance make them a perfect lure for a new angler. You can vary your retrieve by speeding up your retrieve with an extra reel turn when the bait is near cover to increase your success even more.

Spinnerbait recommendations


Large swimbaits are not lures for beginners. They require specialized gear to use do to their large size. With large swimbaits you won’t catch as many fish as other lures but you will catch bigger fish. They are for experienced anglers who want to catch a new personal best.

Swimbait recommendations


Topwater can be some of the most exciting bass fishing you will every have. This style is very visual, many times you can see the bass following your bait. Other times you will get the blow ups from below where the bass jump out of the water. Topwater works great in the spring and summer when bass are more aggressive. It is great for shore anglers as it is less likely to get hung up.

Best Techniques for Bass Fishing

Alabama Rig

The alabama rig is the best way to mimic schooling baitfish. In fact, it is so successful that it is banned in some tournaments. The a-rig thrives in the fall and early spring when bass are bulking up. Some states have restrictions on the number of hooks you are allowed to use so check your State’s hook laws.

Carolina Rig

A carolina rig is a bottom contact setup that utilizes soft plastics. It is great for beginners and can be setup to be weedless. It can be fished from the shore and is successful year-round.


The dropshot is a finesse technique that keeps your bait slightly off the bottom.

It can be used year-round but really thrives when bass are being finicky and aren’t biting anything else.

Because of this it is a great setup for beginners who want to catch fish consistently.

Dropshot setup

Ned Rig

The ned rig is another finesse technique that can catch even the most finicky bass.

Because of this it is a great winter lure. It can be used year-round for beginners who want to catch a lot of fish and aren’t concerned about size.

Green pumpkin ned rig

Neko Rig

The neko rig is a modified wacky rig. It utilities a weight in one side of your plastic worm.

This makes it sink a little faster so it’s great when targeting deeper water.

Additionally the weight on one side helps the bait stand more vertical on the bottom instead of laying flat, which can make it easier to spot for fish.

Neko rig setup

Texas Rig

The texas rig is the gold standard for bass fishing. It is the first technique a new angler should learn.

It is weedless which helps prevent it from getting hung up. It can be fished anywhere, any time and be successful.

Additional it’s cheap, all you need is a soft plastic and a hook. It is the perfect bait for beginners.

Texas rig setup

Wacky Rig

The wacky rig is another great beginner technique. It is the second bait a new angler should learn.

It also only requires a hook and soft plastic. It works year-round, anywhere in the country. It is a must have for the tackle box.

Wacky rig setup

Final Thoughts

Although there are a lot of options to choose from when fishing for bass you don’t need all of them. Just picking up a few for the time of the year and conditions you will be fishing will go a long way. I hope this guide helped you get a better understanding of what will work best for you and improve what you already know or learn something new to improve you fishing.