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Blue Catfish State & World Records

Blue catfish are one of the most fun freshwater species to fish for. Below you will learn what makes a trophy blue catfish and the state and world records.

World Record Blue Catfish

The world record blue catfish weighed 143 lbs and was caught by Richard “Nick” Anderson. Nick caught the record blue catfish on Buggs Island Lake in Virginia on 6/18/2011.

Blue Catfish Records by State

StateWeightLocationCaught ByDate
Alabama120 lbs 4 ozHolt ReservoirJohn Paul Nichols3/9/2012
Arizona31 lbsRandolph ParkRichard LujanJuly 1970
Arkansas116 lbs 12 ozMississippi RiverCharles Ashley Jr.8/3/2001
Colorado29.13 lbsPueblo ReservoirRandy Stillwell7/11/1905
Delaware47 lbs 12 ozN/AColt Williamson7/11/1905
Florida69.5 lbsWashington CountyWilliam Stewart III5/30/2015
Georgia110 lb 6 ozChattahoochee RiverTim Trone10/1/2020
Illinois124 lbs 4 ozMississippi RiverTim Pruitt5/21/2005
Indiana104 lbOhio RiverBruce Midkiff6/21/1905
Iowa74 lbs 8 ozMissouri RiverPat Lutz8/1/1999
Kansas102.8 lbsMissouri RiverRobert Stanley8/11/2012
Kentucky106.9 lbsOhio RiverGlynn Grogan10/20/2018
Maryland84.0 lbsPotomac RiverEd Jones​N/A
Minnesota52 lbs 8 ozMinnesota RiverSteven J. Ness5/22/2002
Mississippi95.0 lbsMississippi RiverDakota Hinson12/9/0200
Missouri130 lbsMissouri RiverGreg Bernal7/20/2010
Nebraska100 lbs 8 ozMissouri RiverRaynold Promes11/29/1970
New Mexico52 lbs 1/4ozElephant Butte LakeDavid Gower6/27/1905
North Carolina85 lbsLake NormanJoel Lineberger6/19/2004
Ohio96 lbsOhio RiverChris Rolph6/11/2009
Oklahoma98 lbsTexomaBilly Nabors11/11/2004
South Carolina109 lbs 4 ozTailrace CanalGeorge A. Lijewski6/13/1905
South Dakota97 lbsMissouri RiverEdward B. Elliott9/16/1959
Texas121 lbs 5 ozLake TexomaCody Mullenix1/16/2004
Virginia143 lbsBuggs Island LakeRichard “Nick” Anderson6/18/2011
Washington17 lbs 12 ozColumbia RiverRangle Hawthorne7/9/1975

What state has the largest blue catfish?

Virginia is the state with the largest blue catfish ever caught in the United States. It was caught by Richard “Nick” Anderson and weighed 143 lbs.

What is the average size blue catfish?

The average size blue catfish typically caught around 2ft long and weight 20 to 40 pound. This is much smaller than the world record of 143 lbs.

What size blue catfish is considered a trophy?

Blue Catfish start to be considered trophy at 50 lbs or more.