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Longear Sunfish State & World Records

Longear sunfish are one of the most popular sunfish species. Below you will learn what makes a trophy longear and the state and world records.

World Record Longear Sunfish

The biggest longear sunfish ever caught weighted 1 pounds, 12 ounce. This world record was caught on Elephant Butte Lake in New Mexico by Patricia Stout in 1905.

Longear Sunfish Records by State

StateWeightLocationCaughy ByDate
Alabama8 ozYellow RiverJerry Jones5/12/1990
Arkansas1 lb 2 ozTable Rock LakeCarl Bohannan4/22/1991
Kentucky13.28 ozStrip mine pondAnthony Lynch6/23/1994
New Mexico1lb 12ozElephant Butte LakePatricia Stout6/7/1905
Ohio0.41 lbsGreene County gravel pitKevin Shanks4/22/2012
Tennessee13 ozPond (Overton Co.)Kay Forsberg5/15/1985
Texas7.68 ozLake ForkTyler Russell6/1/1998
States not listed don’t have a longear sunfish record on the books.

What state has the longear sunfish?

New Mexico is the state with the largest longear sunfish caught in the United States. It weighed 1 lb 12 oz and was caught on Elephant Butte Lake by Patricia Stout in 1905.

What is the average size longear sunfish?

The average size longear sunfish seen in the wild are 3 – 6 inches long and weigh less than a pound. This is much smaller than the world record of 1 lb 12 oz.

What size longear sunfish is considered a trophy?

A trophy size longear is over 7 inches long or weights more than 13 oz.