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How to Choose the Best Crankbait Colors

Crankbaits come in just about every color imaginable. It can be overwhelming when trying to figure out what color is best and do you really need that many colors? For the average angler the answer is no and below I will simplify it and explain what colors are best and when to use them.

Best Crankbait Colors

  1. Crawfish red- There is just something about the color red that drives bass wild in the right circumstances. Throw this color in the early spring spawn or when you come across a big school of bass to trigger the monsters.
  2. Shad – Shad color crankbaits work just about anytime of the year in clearer water.
  3. Chartreuse – Another color that can work anytime of the year but is slightly better in more stained water.

Crankbait Colors By Water Visibility

Crankbait Colors for Murky Water With 2ft or Less of Visibility

In murky water with low visibility you want to use a bold color crankbait. The bold color could be either bright chartreuse or dark red. The most important thing about murky water is you need something that will stand out when nothing natural does.

Crankbait Colors for Stained Water With 2-4ft of Visibility

In stained water with 2-4ft of visibility you want to use a crankbait that is slightly opaque and closer to natural shad-like colors. White based bodies will put out some flash without looking unnatural and out of place like a bright chartreuse.

Crankbait Colors for Clear Water With 4ft or More of Visibility

In clear water with more than 4ft of visibility translucent or dulled-down chrome colors work best. You want a crankbait that reflects a little sunlight but isn’t obnoxious. In clear water need to be much more subtle with your colors and flash.

Best Crankbait Colors for Low Light Conditions

In low light conditions, you don’t need to worry about water clarity. At night you want to use bold colors that will stand out when nothing else will. A bright chartreuse or dark base crankbait works best at night.

Final Thoughts on Crankbait Colors

You don’t have to overcomplicate your color choice for crankbaits. There is no reason to overwhelm yourself with a ton of different colors. With these few base colors, you will be successful. Once you have these hues covered, feel free to play around and test different accent colors. Just know that all the variations in accent colors are more designed to sell more baits to anglers.

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