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Redear Sunfish State & World Records

Redear sunfish are one of the most popular sunfish species. Below you will learn what makes a trophy redear and the state and world records.

World Record Redear Sunfish

The biggest redear sunfish ever caught weighted 6 pounds, 4 ounce. This world record was caught on Lake Havasu in Arizona by Thomas Farchione in 2021.

Redear Sunfish Records by State

StateWeightLocationCaught ByDate
Alabama4 lbs 4 ozChattahoochee ParkJeff Lashley5/5/1962
Arizona6 lbs 4 ozLake HavasuThomas Farchione5/4/2021
Arkansas2 lbs 14 ozBois d’Arc LakeGlenda Tatom5/4/1985
Colorado0.95 lbsStalker LakeCraig McNitt
Delaware3 lbs 1 ozs.N/AMarty Messick6/20/1905
Florida4.86 lbsMerritts Mill Pond, Jackson CountyJoseph Floyd3/13/1986
Georgia4 lb 2 ozRichmond Co. PondPat Lawrence6/1/1995
Illinois2 lbs 12.3 ozMarion CC LakeMike DeMattei9/7/1985
Indiana3 lb 10 ozPond, Brown CountyC.R. Peckman5/27/1905
Kansas1.69 lbsFinney Wildlife AreaLarry Fox7/4/1995
Kentucky3 lbs 1 ozFarm PondBetty Truax5/24/1982
Louisiana2.87 lbsCaney LakeJerry Smelley1998
Maryland2.3 lbsGilbert RunVittie Alkocius
Michigan1.97 lbsThompson LakeRichard F. Alber6/24/1905
Mississippi3.33 lbsTippah County LakeJames Martin11/5/1991
Missouri2 lbs 7 ozGlenda Gollaher5/28/1988
Nebraska1 lbs 10 ozRock Creek LakeCharles I. Jones6/8/1990
Nevada1 lbs 8 ozColorado RiverLarry Cross6/21/1905
North Carolina4 lbs 15 ozN/ATravis Jackson5/19/2008
Ohio3.58 lbsLicking County farm PondBert Redman10/2/1998
Oklahoma2 lbs 1.25 ozLogan Co. PondRuby Lee Farmer11/5/1973
Oregon1lbs 15.5 ozReynolds PondTerence Bice6/14/1905
South Carolina5 lbs 7 ozDiversion CanalAmos Gay6/20/1905
Tennessee3 lbs 6 ozPrivate PondAnnelise S. HoustonSept. 1, 1979
Texas2 lbs 15.84 ozTown LakeJohn Runnels4/1/1997
Virginia4 lbs 12 ozPrivate PondMichael Mills4/28/1986

What state has the biggest redear sunfish?

Arizona is the state with the largest redear caught in the United States and current world record. It weighed 6 lbs 4 oz and was caught on Lake Havasu.

What is the average size redear sunfish?

The average size redear sunfish seen in the wild falls in the 7-9 inch range. This is much smaller than the world record of 6 lbs 4 oz.

What size redear sunfish is considered a trophy?

Redear sunfish start to be considered trophy size at 11 inches long.