Best Drop Shot Baits

Nose Hooked Baits

When it comes to choosing baits for the drop shot it will depend on your fishery so match the hatch. If your bass typically are feeding on tiny baitfish like silversides then a nosed hooked Fluke is a great option. The fluke’s tiny tail produces a ton of action when you shake your rod tip.

If your water has mostly small sunfish or bluegill then the Strike King Half Shell is a great imitator. This is one of my favorite nose hook baits right now. If you want to size up a bit to a bigger profile then the Dream Shot is another good choice.

Now jumping to worm profile baits let’s start with the Pro Senko. The Pro Senko is skinnier and has a tapered tail which produces more action than the traditional senkos while still having the quality that you expect from a Yamamoto bait. This bait is amazing when nose hooked. You get a bigger profile while still having great action in the tapered tail.

Texas Rigged Drop Shot Baits

I have been talking about how universal the drop shot is and this is another reason why. You can texas rig your bait for a weedless drop shot setup. This is a great method for pond anglers or if your lake has a lot of grass. This allows you to target areas that you couldn’t dream of with a nose hooked bait. This is one of the best ways to rig a fishing bait for kids to use.

Any of your favorite soft plastic texas rig worms will work for this technique. If you have one that works well for your body of water stick with that. Some of my favorites are the Roboworm Fat Straight Tail worm, Yamamoto Neko worm, and Reaction Innovations Flirt worm.

Wacky Rigged Drop Shot Baits

Just like I talked about in the texas rig section you can use your favorite wacky rig worm when fishing a drop shot. The Zoom Trick Worm, Jackall Flick Shake Worm, and the standard Yamamoto Senko all those styles work great. The benefit to wacky rigging is the action of the bait. Again this is for warmer months like spring and summer when bass are more aggressive. A wacky rig drop shot is for fishing open water.

Drop Shot Swimbaits

It may go without saying but I almost always recommend Keitech Fat Swimbaits. They are one of my favorite baits in any category. For a drop shot, I would recommend a 2.8 size. Another bait I like for this technique is the Megabass Hazedong Shad. If you already have a small swimbait that you like for other fishing styles give them a try on the drop shot.

Best Drop Shot Bait Colors

For most of the year, the best colors for drop shots will be matching what fish in your body of water typically eat. For a lot of people that will be shad colors for others, it might be sunfish/bluegill colors. That is a pretty good guide for year-round except for springtime. During spring one of the best colors is morning dawn. I don’t know what it is about that color but it is a killer during spring. Pick up this color for your favorite drop shot bait and give it a try.