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Silver Carp State & World Records

Silver carp are one of the most fun freshwater species to fish for. Below you will learn what makes a trophy silver carp and the state and world records.

Silver carp being held out of water

World Record Silver Carp

The biggest silver carp ever caught weighted 70 pounds 8 ounces. This world record was caught at Andong-s, Kyungsangbok-Do, Korea by Chongdae Lim on June 4, 2006.

Silver Carp Records by State

StateWeightLocationCaught ByDate
Illinois43 lbs 2.4 ozPrivate PondLogan6/13/2021
Indiana15 lbs 8 ozWest Fork White RiverDaniel Keller6/25/1905
Iowa62 lbsDes Moines RiverBillie Summers6/2/2018
Kentucky13 lbs 5 ozCumberland RiverDustin Fitzgerald2/21/2017
Mississippi27.25 lbsSardis Lower LakeAndrew Vinson8/1/2019
Nebraska15 lbs 1 ozDuck CreekHayden Hall2/29/2020
Tennessee37 lbs 0.4 ozOld Hickory ReservoirBrian Townsend5/8/2021
Texas21.75 lbsChoctaw CreekStephen Banaszak7/19/2021

What state has the largest silver carp?

Iowa is the state with the largest silver carp caught in the United States. It weighed 62 lbs and was caught on the Des Moines River by Billie Summers on June 2, 2018.

What is the average size silver carp?

The average size silver carp seen in the wild are 20 – 40 inches long and weight 5 – 20 lbs. This is much smaller than the world record of 70 lbs 8 oz.

What size silver carp is considered a trophy?

Silver carp start to be considered trophy size at 30 inches long.