Best Jerkbaits for Bass Fishing

Jerkbaits can be one of the most fun lures to use when targeting bass because of their ability to trigger reaction bites. In fact they probably the best bass lure for triggering a reaction response. This really pays off when you come across a big school of bass because if you can trigger one bass then you will likely trigger the entire school. This makes for exciting fishing when you are pulling in one after another and can be very addictive.

When picking out a jerkbait start by choosing a size that matches the baitfish in your water. Next look for a diving depth that matches the depths you are targeting. These are the two most important things to know when fishing a jerkbait.

With so many different jerkbaits on the market it can be hard to find the perfect lures without spending a ton of money. In this post, I will help you narrow down your options so you can get what you need without wasting money on lures that don’t work.

Best Jerkbaits for Fishing Cold Water

Megabass Vision 110

You cant talk about jerkbaits without starting with the 110. The Megabass Vision 110 has been the industry-leading jerkbait for years because of how precise it is. It’s perfectly balanced and has the exact action you are looking for when you pause a jerkbait. This makes it a great option when the water cools down and you have to slow down and really let your bait pause. It’s the only jerkbait I don’t change hooks on because of how balanced it comes stock. From coast to coast this bait catches fish. It is a more expensive jerkbait because of its a universal success but it is definitely worth the price. Megasbass 110s come in two sizes, the standard which is 4.33″ and the Jr. which is 3.85″. Each have multiple versions depending on the depth you are targeting. Below I break each down so you can better choose what best matches your hatch and the situations you fish the most.

Megabass also has a junior 110 line that has the same great balance and action but in a slightly smaller profile. It is great if your body of water has slightly smaller baitfish.

Colors: French Pearl, GP Pro Blue, M Shad, Wakin React

Best Jerkbaits for Aggressive Fishing

Lucky Craft Pointer

The Lucky Craft Pointer is a great jerkbait for fishing aggressively. It produces a ton of sound and flash that really draws in fish. The sound it produces is very similar to LV-500 lipless crankbait which is one of my favorite lures. The Lucky Craft Pointer has a skinny belly and a fat back which gives it the rolling action that puts out all the flash. The only time you should avoid this bait is when the water starts getting cold. This jerkbait comes in multiple sizes so it’s easy to match the hatch of your body of water. It dives down 1-4ft.

Colors: Blue Pearl Shad, Silver Shad, Matte Pearl White

Jackall Rerange 110 & 110MR

The Jackall Rerange has a much wider back like the Flash Pointer while having a thin belly. This shape creates a ton of rolling and flash when you work the bait. This bait has more flash than any other jerkbait on the market and it absolutely catches fish because of it. It has a weight transfer system that helps when casting. It’s magnetized so the weight stays in the front until you whip it back and cast. When you fling the bait forward the weight gets pushed to the back and it launches the bait and prevents it from tumbling in the air.

The MR stands for medium runner, it has a slightly bigger bill so it can dive a little deeper down to the 6-8ft range. The standard 110 dives down to about 2-6ft. That is the only difference between the two versions is the bill size. So choose the version based on the depth you are targeting.

Colors: Ghost Minnow, Chartreuse Shad, Crystal Pro Blue, American Shad

Best Large Jerkbaits for Catching Giant Bass

Megabass Oneten Max LBO

The Megabass Oneten Max is a jumbo-sized Vision 110. It has a larger profile being 5.3″ long while still having the same great action. This larger bait is for targeting larger bass in bodies of water with larger baitfish like gizzard shad. The Oneten Max has a nice subtle action that is more suited to clearer water. This bait dives down 5-6ft.

Colors: MB Gizzard, GP Pro Blue

Jackall Rerange 130

The Jackall Rerange 130 is another large profile jerkbait for targeting giant bass in bodies of water with larger baitfish. The Rerange 130 has a much more aggressive action and flash compared to the Oneten Max. The more flash and aggressive action make this large jerkbait more suited for murkier water. This jerkbait dives down to 4ft deep.

Colors: RT Holo Minnow, SG Threadfin

Best Jerkbait Colors

With jerkbaits you can keep it simple, you really only need to cover three categories: see-through/ ghost, flashy, and bold. If you have these three color categories covered then you set for every circumstance. If you are picking up a bait I recommended above then you already have the specific colors but if your bait shop doesn’t have those brands again look for those three categories. Anything ghost minnow would be good for see-through. American shad is a good flashy color. For bold look for a white or chartreuse color.


Fine Tune Your Jerkbaits for greater success.