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Best Alabama Rigs, Hooks, and Swimbait Trailers

The Alabama rig is one of the best lures for catching giant bass. It is a bit more complicated than other lures though, it requires a few different components to set up. Below you will find my favorite Alabama rigs, hooks, trailers, rods, and reels.

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Best Alabama Rigs

Hardware for A-Rigs

Alabama Rig With or Without Blades – Which is Better?

Alabama rigs come in bladed and non-bladed versions and both have their place.

If there is bait fish schooling then always use blades. The blades create a bigger profile and attract a lot of attention.

If bait fish aren’t schooling or the water is super clear then non-bladed rigs can do great. I always try bladed first and switch to non-bladed if they aren’t biting.

Best Alabama Rig Hooks & Swimbait Heads

  • Tactical Bassin Finesse Swimbait Head – thinner wire hook that is perfect for largemouths, spotted, and smallmouth bass. I use these heads for most of my a-rigging.
  • Matt Allen Jig Head – stout heavy duty hook that is ideal for targeting giant largemouth bass. If you are fishing in California, Florida, Texas, or a lake known for giant fish then sizing up your hooks is a good idea.

What Size Swimbait Hook for an Umbrella Rig?

The best weight swimbait heads for umbrella rigs is 1/8 oz. This size gives you a stout enough hook to handle large fish while not weighing down your rig too much. Remember you will have 3-5 heads on your rig. If you’re fishing really deep and need to add weight just change the weight of the middle hook. This will help keep costs down by not needing tons of heads in multiple sizes.

Best Alabama Rig Swimbait Trailers

Learn how to setup and fish an Alabama rig.

Find the best rod & reel for the alabama rig.