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Best Trailers for Spinnerbaits

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1. Keitech Swing Impact Swimbait

My go-to spinnerbait trailer is a Keitech Swing Impact Fat Swimbait. I use size 3.8 for finesse spinnerbaits and 4.3 for full size spinnerbaits. Any larger and you risk the tail twisting and getting stuck on the hook when you cast it. Keitech’s give spinnerbaits a fully complete profile. Bass are drawn in by the flash, vibration, and profile but when they get close they will target the swimbait. Colors: Electric Shad & Ghost Rainbow

2. Zoom Split Tail Trailer

The Zoom Split Tail was designed specifically for spinnerbaits. The tail provides a little extra movement to the bait while not getting in the way of the skirt. It is a great budget trailer option.
Colors: Glimmer Blue & Chartreuse Glitter

3. Berkley Powerbait Maxscent The General Worm

The Maxscent The General Worm is a basic trailer for adding bulk to your hook. Cut the worm down and rig it so it sticks out 2 inches beyond your hook. This setup adds bulk and body to your hook without adding any action or disrupting the skirt.
Colors: Blue Pearl Black Hologram & Black Blue Fleck

Benefits of Spinnerbait Trailers – Are They Required?

You can use spinnerbaits without a trailer and still catch fish. Over the years I have found that I catch more fish when using a trailer on my spinnerbaits. so I almost always use a trailer now. Some anglers opt for a trailer hook instead of the typical soft plastic trailer which can be beneficial as well.

The true benefit of using a trailer on a spinnerbait is the bulk it adds to the hook. When fish strike, they suck water in to help inhale prey into their mouths. By having more bulk on the hook you increase the suction towards the hook. This increases the chances of hooking the fish instead of them missing the hook and striking the blades.

Trailers also create a baitfish silouett on your hook as a last second visual for bass to key in on. Trailers on a spinnerbait are more for increasing your hookup ratio and less about the action they create.

Should You Use a Trailer Hook When Fishing a Spinnerbait – Answered

A Trailer hook is an additional hook you add to your spinnerbait hook. This additonal hook sticks out further than your stock hook and can help increase your hookup ratio. This is especially true you often get short strikes where bass are biting the skirt or trailer and missing the hook entirly.

Trailer hooks are great when using spinnerbaits at night. When it’s dark the vibration of the spinnerbait is what draws in the fish. This leads to bass striking more at the blades and missing the hook completely. By adding a trailer hook you increase your chances of hooking them even when they strike at the blades.

The biggest downside to using a trailer hook is you lose the weedlessness of the bait. Additionally trailer hooks cant be used with other trailers without killing their action so during the day I almost never use a trailer hook. During the day bass may be drawn in by the vibration or flash but they almost always strike at your trailer.

For trailer hooks, I recommend using Gamakatsu 3/0 hooks.

FAQs & Additional Resources

Can You Put a Trailer on a Spinnerbait With a Trailer Hook?

You can use both a trailer and trailer hook on a spinnerbait. When choosing a trailer opt for one will little or no action so it doesn’t disrupt your trailer hook. Place your trailer hook on first, then add the trailer hook. This will ensure your hook point stays exposed.

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