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Best Braid Fishing Line

With so many braided fishing lines on the market, it can be difficult finding the right one. In this guide, we hope to make that process easier for you.  In the process of creating this guide, we reviewed over 20 of the most popular braided fishing lines. Here are our favorite braid lines:

Best Value Braided Line for Your Money – Power Pro Spectra

Power Pro Spectra is a great affordable braided fishing line that offers the most value for your money. You’ll find it spooled on reels of anglers of all skill levels. Power Pro Spectra is the perfect braid line for those on a budget.

Spectra is a 4 strain braided line made with Spectra Fibers that are treated with an Enhanced Body Technology that makes it incredibly round, smooth, and sensitive.

It comes in multiple colors like moss green, hi-vis yellow, white, and vermilion red. The moss green color is ideal for most fishing conditions as it’s the least visible. Hi-vis yellow is great for finesse fishing with a leader. The bright yellow allows you to see the line better which will make detecting bites easier. With a clear leader, the fish still won’t know what hit them.

The biggest negative with Spectra is it will start to fade in color. After a year of use, the color will be much lighter than its original shade. This can be fixed by coloring it back with a sharpie or using a leader.

Best Casting Braid – Suffix 832

Sufix 832 is the smoothest casting braided line. It is made of 8 stains woven 32 times per inch. This design makes it incredibly smooth and allows it to get through guides with little friction. When casting accuracy and distance is important Suffix 832 is the best option.

832 comes in six different colors: camo, coastal camo, ghost, hi-vis yellow, lo-vis green, and neon lime. I only use the low-vis green and hi-vis yellow, for the same reasons as Power Pro Spectra.

In addition to being made with 8 strands and being the smoothest line, it also has the benefit of TGP technology. TGP enhances the line’s color retention to prevent fading.

Best Low-Visibility Braid – Power Pro Maxcuatro

The best low-visibility braided line is Power Pro Maxcuatro. It is the closest you can get to an invisible braid. Maxcuatro is 25% thinner than Power Pro Spectra and is the thinnest braid by strength. If you fish straight braid or in super clear water then Maxcuatro is a no brainer.

The benefits of being thinner become more and more clear as you get into the heavier braid.

Best Hi-Visibility Braid – Sufix 832 Hi-Vis Yellow

Sufix 832 Hi-Vis Yellow is an excellent hi-vis braid. It is a super bright yellow that is easy to see in all conditions. Hi-vis braid is designed to make it easier for anglers to watch their line and detect even the most subtle bites.

With hi-vis braid, the color is the deciding factor. Sufix 832 is easy to see and it keeps its color more than any other braided line. Other lines need to be replaced or recolored every year to keep their bright color. Along with the hi-vis color, you also get the same great casting quality we discussed above.

Most Durable Braided Line – FINS Windtamer

FINS Windtamer is the most durable and abrasion-resistant braided fishing line. Youtuber Drew M tested multiple brands for abrasion resistance and Windtamer tested the strongest. It should be noted that Windtamer was also the thickest line tested. Sufix 832 came in second but is much thinner.

Best Multi-Color Braid – Power Pro Depth-Hunter

Multi-color fishing line can be used to measure depth without electronics. Every 5ft the color of the line changes. The best multi-color braid is Power Pro Depth-Hunter.

Choosing the Best Color braid

The best color for braid fishing line is low-vis green. Low-vis green blends well in clear water and is near invisible in stained to murky water. You can further hide your presentation by adding a mono or flouro leader.

To learn more about braided line, please read our complete guide.