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Rainbow Trout State & World Records

Rainbow trout are one of the most popular trout species that anglers target. Below you will learn what makes a trophy rainbow and the state and world records.

World Record Rainbow Trout

The biggest rainbow trout ever caught weighted 48 pounds and was 42 inches long with a 32 inch girth. This world record was caught at Lake Diefenbaker in Canada by Sean Konrad in 2009.

Rainbow Trout Records by State

StateWeightLocationCaught ByYear
Alabama9 lbs 1 ozMud Creek, Tannehill Historical State ParkOtha Hamm, Alexandria4/22/2006
Arizona15.6 lbsWillow Springs LakeHarold Wright9/29/2006
Arkansas19 lbs., 1 oz.White RiverJim Miller, Memphis, TN3/14/1981
California27 lbsLake NatomaPalmer, Frank (Orangevale)10/2/2005
Colorado19.63 lbsMorrow Point ReservoirLee Cox
Connecticut14 lbsMansfield Hollow Reservoir
Michael V. Ludlow6/20/1905
Georgia17 lb. 8 oz.Soque RiverMark Cochran5/1/2004
Hawaii5 lbs 10 ozKoke’e, Kaua’iMark I. Sueyasu8/7/1991
Idaho20 lbsSnake RiverMichelle Larsen-Williams7/29/2009
Illinois31 lbs 6.72 ozLake MichiganKyle C. Johnson7/10/1993
Indiana18 lb. 8 oz.Clear Lake, Steuben CountyBill Bigger6/10/1905
Iowa19 lbs 8 ozFrench CreekJack Renner7/1/1984
Kansas15.72 lbs.Kill Creek Park LakeJosh McCullough, Spring Hill, KS2/23/2014
Kentucky14 lbs., 6 ozs.Lake Cumberland TailwatersJim Mattingly9/10/1972
Maine13 lbs 9 ozQuarry PondTimothy Kelley6/4/2016
Maryland14.2 lbs.Savage River ReservoirDave Schroyer
Massachusetts13 lbsWachusett ReservoirJeffrey Greco6/21/1905
Michigan26.50 lbsLake MichiganMark Johnson5/28/1905
Minnesota16 lbs 6 ozDevil Track River4/27/1980
Mississippi2.96 lbsLake WhittingtonWilliam Tribble3/21/2001
Missouri18 lbs 01 ozRoaring RiverJason Harper8/14/2004
Montana33 lbs 1.6 ozKootenai River – David Thompson BridgeJack G. Housel Jr.8/11/1997
Nebraska14 lbs 2 ozN/AFrank Aloy3/18/1975
Nevada16 lbs 4 ozLake MohaveMike Soskin5/24/1905
New Hampshire15 lbs., 7.2 ozs.Pemigewasset RiverLance King9/16/1996
New JerseyN/AN/AN/AN/A
New Mexico31lb 12 1/2ozSanta Cruz LakePeter Romero6/21/1905
New York31 lb. 3 oz.Lake Ontario, Niagara Co.Robert Wilson8/14/2004
North Carolina16 lbs 5 ozN/ATerry L. Gregory12/20/1989
North Dakota21 lbs. 4 ozGarrison Tailrace6/20/1905
Ohio21.3 lbsLake ErieJason Brooks, Tallmadge6/25/2010
Oklahoma11 lbs 4.32 ozLower Illinois River PFHAPaul Glover4/4/2015
Oregon35lbs 8 ozRogue RiverMike McGonagle6/4/1905
Pennsylvania15 lb 6 ozJordan CreekDennis L. Clouse6/8/1905
Rhode Island12lbs 9.12oz.Barber PondJ. Rogers – North Kingstown, RI12/1/2020
South Carolina11 lbs 5 ozLake JocasseeScott Coggins6/15/1905
South Dakota19 lbs 4 ozOahe TailwatersTom Moore7/4/1980
Tennessee18 lbs 8 ozPond (Polk Co.)John H. Morgan III6/17/2016
Texas7 lbs 12.32 ozGuadalupe RiverRex Ludwick2/19/1995
Utah26 lbs 2 ozFlaming Gorge ReservoirDel Canty6/1/1905
Vermont13 lbs 12 ozLake DunmoreHarry E. Hunt3/14/2006
Virginia14 lbs. 7 oz.Greers PondMichael Lowe6/28/1993
Washington25 lbs 11.36 ozRufus Woods LakeDick Hill1/8/2001
West Virginia11.74 lbsStonecoal LakeJohn P. Arnett6/15/1905
Wyoming23 lbsBurnt LakeFrank Favazzo5/22/1905

What state has the biggest rainbow trout?

Oregon is the state with the largest rainbow caught in the United States. It weighed 35 lbs 8 oz and was caught by Mike McGonagle on the Rogue River.

What is the average size rainbow trout?

The average size rainbow trout seen in the wild falls in the 1-5 lb range. This is much smaller than the world record of 48 lbs.

What size rainbow trout is considered a trophy?

Rainbow trout start to be considered trophy size at 20 inches long.