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Complete Guide to Fluorocarbon Line

By: Nick Updated: November 10, 2023

Choosing the right one can have a significant impact on your fishing. Fluorocarbon is often preferred for its unique qualities, but what exactly makes it a good line?

In this article, I will walk you through the key characteristics of fluorocarbon, how they can influence your fishing, and when you should use fluoro.

Key Attributes of Fluorocarbon Line

  • Sinks
  • Nearly Invisible
  • Middle of the road diameter
  • Low stretch
  • Sensitive
  • Abrasion Resistant

Pros of Fluorocarbon Line

  • Invisible

Cons of Fluorocarbon Line

  • Memory- Not as much as mono

When to Use Fluorocarbon Line

Maximizing Depth

Fluorocarbon is the best line for maximizing the diving depth of baits. This makes fluoro my go-to line for deep diving crankbaits. Fluorocarbon can allow you to reacher deeper depths that mono or braid just can’t get down to.

Fishing Clear Water

Fluorocarbon is almost completely invisible underwater. This makes it excellent for fishing clear water where fish might be more line shy.

Finesse Fishing

When finesse fishing you are often fishing very light baits along the bottom. These super-light baits can be affected by the line you are using as they sink. With mono or braid your line won’t be sinking at the same rate so you will have upward pressure slowing the sink of a light lure. This can cause the bait to almost pendulum back towards you as it sinks.

With Fluorocarbon line you can avoid this as it sinks on its own allowing your bait to sink more naturally.

Flipping and pitching

Fluorocarbon line is great for flipping and pitching because it has less stretch than mono so you still can force fish out of cover but it also doesn’t dig into wood-like braid does.

Flouro can be used for just about every situation with the exception of topwater and heavy vegetation

As a Leader

Fluorocarbon is often used as a leader and paired with a braided mainline. This combo allows anglers to take advantage of fluoro’s abrasion resistance and near invisibility near the lure while also benefiting from braids’ long life and castability.

What Baits to Use Fluorocarbon Line

Spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jerkbaits, swim jigs, football jigs, and most texas rigs are ideal baits to use on fluorocarbon line. The key advantage to using fluoro in these situations is its invisibility, abrasion resistance, and sensitivity.

Fluorocarbon Line Diameter Chart

Fluorocarbon Line4lb5lb6lb7lb8lb9lb10lb11lb12lb13lb14lb15lb16lb17lb18lb20lb21lb22lb25lb30lb35lb40lb50lb60lb
Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon0.010.0110.0120.0130.0150.0170.019
Berkley Vanish0.0090.010.0110.0130.0150.016
Berkley Vanish Transition0.0090.010.0110.0120.0130.0150.016
Daiwa Fluorocarbon0.00850.0010.01090.01170.01380.01540.01640.01790.01980.0218
Daiwa J-Fluoro Samurai0.00690.00750.00830.0090.00980.01060.01170.01270.01310.01380.01450.0155
Fishing Lyn CLR0.0110.0120.0140.016
Fitzgerald Vursa0.0090.010.0110.0120.0140.0150.0160.018
Gamma Edge0.010.0110.120.0130.0140.0150.017
Gamma Touch0.00650.00750.00850.00950.0105
Googan Squad Fluorocarbon0.0080.00940.01010.01160.01340.01440.01570.017
Hi-SEAS 100% Fluorocarbon0.010.0120.0120.0140.016
Hi-SEAS Quattro0.0110.0130.0140.0160.016
KastKing Kovert0.0070.0080.010.0120.0140.0160.018
Lake Fork FluoroHybrid0.0080.010.0120.0140.0160.0180.02
Lunkerhunt Ghost Carbon0.010.0110.0120.0160.024
Maxima Fluorocarbon0.0080.0090.010.0110.0130.130.016
McCoy Fluoro1000.0070.0080.0090.0120.0130.015
P-Line FloroClear0.0090.010.0110.0120.0140.0160.018
P-Line HALO0.0080.010.0110.0120.0140.0150.016
P-Line Shinsei0.00820.01020.01180.01250.01250.01650.01920.0211
P-Line Tactical0.00850.01010.01110.01170.01380.01540.0164
P-Line Ultimate0.0070.0080.010.0110.0110.0140.0150.0160.0190.02
Seaguar AbrazX0.0080.0090.010.0110.0130.0150.0160.017
Seaguar Blue Label0.0070.0080.0090.0110.0130.0160.0170.020.0240.0280.029
Seaguar Flippin0.0160.0170.019
Seaguar Fluoro Premier0.0090.0110.0150.0160.0180.022
Seaguar InvizX0.0070.0080.0090.010.0110.0130.0150.0160.017
Seaguar Red Label0.0080.0090.010.0120.0130.016
Seaguar Gold Label0.0070.0090.0090.010.0110.0130.0150.017
Seaguar Tatsu0.0080.0090.010.0110.0130.0150.016
Sunline Night FC0.01160.01340.01420.0150.0163
Spiderwire EZ Fluoro0.010.0110.0120.0130.015
Spro Essential0.01020.01120.01220.0120.0146
Stren Flourocast0.0090.010.0120.0130.0150.016
Strike King Tour Grade Fluorocarbon0.0080.0090.010.0110.0120.0140.0170.018
Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon0.0070.0080.0090.0110.0120.0130.0150.0170.0180.02
Sufix Invisiline Castable0.0070.00750.0080.00850.0090.0110.0120.0130.0160.017
Sufix Invisiline Fluorocarbon0.0070.0080.0110.0120.0130.0150.017
Sunline Assassin FC0.00940.01040.01160.01340.01420.0150.0163
Sunline Crank FC0.00930.01020.01120.01220.013
Sunline Dostrike FC0.01220.0130.01380.0146
Sunline FC Leader0.00750.00810.00860.00930.01020.01120.01220.0130.0146
Sunline FC100 System Leader0.0130.0160.0170.0190.0210.022
Sunline Flippin FC0.01340.01420.0150.01580.0163
Sunline JDM FC Sniper BMS Azayaka0.0090.010.0110.0120.0130.0150.016
Sunline JDM FC Sniper Invisible880.00960.01040.0110.0120.0130.0140.015
Sunline Night FC0.01160.01340.01420.0150.0163
Sunline Power 2C FC0.0130.01380.01460.01590.0171
Sunline Shooter0.00860.00920.00970.01020.01120.01220.01290.01380.01460.01590.01710.0185
Sunline Structure FC0.01220.0130.01380.01460.01590.0171
Sunline Super FC Sniper0.00650.00750.00810.00860.00930.01020.01120.01220.01290.01380.01460.01590.0171
Sunline Super Fluorocarbon0.010.0110.0120.0130.0140.015
Toray Bawo Exthread0.0070.0080.0090.010.0110.0120.0140.0180.0190.0120.0140.0140.016
Trik Fish Fluorocarbon0.0060.0070.0080.010.0120.0140.0160.02
Vicious Fluorocarbon0.10.0110.0120.0130.0150.0170.018
Vicious Pro Elite0.00960.01060.01230.01330.01450.01620.0172
YGK G-Soul DFC0.0060.0080.0090.010.0110.0120.0130.0150.017
YGK G-Soul FC Tour Grade0.0070.0080.00860.0090.0110.0120.0130.0150.016
Yo-Zuri Top Knot0.0080.0090.010.0110.0120.0130.015

Frequently Asked Questions About Fluorocarbon

What is the Best Knot for Fluorocarbon?

The best knot for fluoro is the doubled pitzen knot.

How Often Should You Replace Fluoro?

Fluorocarbon should be replaced every two years when fished occasionally (a couple of times a month). For anglers that fish every week will need to replace their fluoro line every 6 months.

How Long Does Fluorocarbon Last in Storage?

When stored indoors protected from UV rays and heat fluorocarbon line will last 10 years before it starts to lose strength.

Why Does My Fluorocarbon Line Keep Twisting?

Line twists develop due to fluorocarbon having memory. You can minimize line twists on your fluoro by soaking your spool in warm water.

Is Fluorocarbon Good as a Main Line?

Fluorocarbon works great as a mainline, it has the benefit of being nearly invisible, sensitive, and abrasion-resistant. Fluoro is my most used mainline.