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Yellow Bass Species Breakdown

Scientific Name: Morone mississippiensis

Also Known As: Golden bass

Yellow bass on white background

Yellow bass are members of the Moronidae family and very similar to white bass and striped bass. Although they are smaller than other bass they put up a big fight and can be very fun to catch on light tackle. They typically school in large groups so if you catch one you will often catch more in the same location.

How to Identify a Yellow Bass

Yellow bass look very similar to white and striped bass but they can be distinguish by looking for a few key identifiers.

Yellow bass have a brass to yellowish coloring on their sides with stripes that are broken and offset on the lower side of their anal fin. Their two dorsal fins are also connected by a membrane whereas both white and striped bass are separate.

The yellow bass differs further by having nine to ten anal rays in comparison to eleven or thirteen. They also don’t have patches of teeth on their tongue.

Yellow Bass Size

Yellow bass are smaller than both white and striped bass. They can grow up to 2 lbs and reach a maximum length of 17 inches. They are more commonly caught around 9-12 inches long, weighing 8-12 ounces. They rarely exceed 1 lb.

Yellow Bass Size Chart – Length to Weight Conversion

5″4 oz
6″4.5 oz
7″5 oz
8″5.5 oz
9″6.5 oz
10″7.5 oz
11″9 oz
12″10.5 oz
13″13 oz
14″15.5 oz
15″1 lb 2 oz
16″1 lb 4.5 oz
17″1 lb 7 oz

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Where Yellow Bass Are Found

Yellow bass are mostly found in the Midwest around the Mississippi, Trinity, and Tennessee rivers. They live in large reservoirs, lakes, rivers, and creeks. They prefer clear water with dense vegetation.

Lifespan of a Yellow Bass

Yellow bass can live up to 7 years but rarely live longer than 4 years in the wild. Most of their growth occurs during the first three years of their life. You can tell the general age of yellow bass by referring to the table below.

Yellow Bass Age Chart

1 Year Old5 – 7 inches
2 Years Old7 – 9 inches
3 Years Old9 – 11 inches
4 Years Old11 – 13 inches
5 Years Old13 – 15 inches
6 Years Old15 – 18 inches

Fishing for Yellow Bass

Are yellow bass hard to catch?

Yellow bass are easy to catch once you find them. The are often schooling in large groups which means if you catch one you will likely catch many others.

What is the best time to catch yellow bass?

Early spring (April & May) is typically the best time of year to fish for yellow bass. During this time they are heavily feeding as the move back to deeper water.

What type of bait to use for yellow bass?

Some of my favorite baits to use when fishing for yellow bass are rooster tails, mini Rat-L Traps, and super fluke jr.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are yellow bass good to eat?

Yellow bass are one of the best tasting bass. To improve the taste you should fillet when they are fresh and soak them in milk or brine before cooking.

Are yellow bass the same as striped and white bass?

Yellow bass are not the same as striped or white bass although they look very similar. Yellow bass are smaller than both of these similar bass.

What do yellow bass eat?

Yellow bass eat small invertebrates, insects, and small bait fish like minnows.

Is yellow bass a game fish?

Yes, yellow bass are considered a game fish although they aren’t as popular as other types of bass to fish for.