Best Spinnerbaits for Every Situation

Best Full-Size Spinnerbaits

1. River2Sea Bling Double Willow

The River2Sea Bling is a full size spinnerbait that has a lightweight wire and super thin willow blades. The light wire and thin blades allow you to fish it aggressively with rod twiches to get the bait’s wire to bend and pulse while the thin blades can spin very fast. Due to the lighter hardware this spinner bait is more ideal for open water fishing.

2. Revenge Double Willow

The Revenge Double Willow has slightly heavier wire and blades than the River2Sea Bling. This makes it much better suited for getting through cover.

3. Revenge Heavy Duty

As the name suggests the Revenge Heavy Duty is a heavy-duty spinnerbait. This bait has thick wire and a heavy duty 6/0 hook and is designed for fishing even the thickest cover. This is the perfect spinnerbait for when the Revenge Double Willow just wont do.

Best Finesse Spinnerbaits

Finesse spinnerbaits shine in the springtime when shad are spawning. Early morning during their spawn shad will get up shallow and bass will follow them. During this time you can cover a ton of water by fishing super fast.

1. Megabass V-9 Double Willow

The Megabass V-9 has little tiny blades and a super tiny hook which lets you drop down to light 8-12 lb line and still be able to set the hook. The biggest downside to this bait is that it doesn’t have a bait keeper to hold on your trailers. You can overcome this by using a dot of super glue on the tip of the trailer when rigging it.

2. Damiki TOT

The Dimiki TOT is a finesse spinnerbait that has slightly bigger hook and blades than the Megabass V-9. This makes it a good in between spinnerbait that helps bridge the gap between finesse and full size spinnerbaits.

3. War Eagle Screamin Eagle

The War Eagle Screamin Eagle has downsized willow blades which allow you to speed it up. The biggest difference between this lure and the other two finesse spinnerbaits is it has a heavier wire hook. This makes it ideal when you get on bigger fish but still need the compact profile and fast retrieve.

Best Spinnerbaits by Situation:

Best Replacement Spinnerbait Blades: Revenge Willow Leaf Blades

I stock sizes 4, 4.5, and 5 blades in Gold, Nickel, and White. You only will need size 5 if are imitating bluegill or are fishing in extremely stained water.

Best Trailers for Spinnerbaits

My go-to spinnerbait trailer is a Keitech Swing Impact Fat Swimbait. I use size 3.8 for finesse spinnerbaits and 4.3 for full size spinnerbaits. Any larger and you risk the tail twisting and getting stuck on the hook when you cast it. Keitechs give spinnerbaits a full complete profile. Bass are drawn in by the flash, vibration, and profile but when they get close they will target the swimbait.

Should You Use a Trailer Hook When Fishing a Spinnerbait – Answered

Trailer hooks can help increase your hookup ratio, especially if bass are striking at the blades. I use a trailer hook when fishing spinnerbaits at night because during the night the vibration is what is drawing fish in. Because of this, it is pretty common for bass to strike at the blades and miss the hook completely at night. Adding a trailer hook can increase your chances of them hitting a hook and getting stuck even when they strike at the blades. For trailer hooks, I recommend using Gamakatsu 3/0 hooks.

The biggest downside to using a trailer hook is you lose the weedlessness of the bait. Additionally trailer hooks cant be used with other trailers without killing their action so during the day I almost never use a trailer hook. During the day bass may be drawn in by the vibration or flash but they almost always strike at your trailer.

To learn more about how or when you should fish a spinnerbait read our in-depth guide.