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Where to Fish

Finding Less Known Fishing Spots With Google Maps

One of the best ways to find hidden fishing spots is by using Google Maps. Maps allow you to search around and find small ponds and creeks that might not be listed anywhere online. When using this method it is important to check your state’s or local laws to make sure that the area you want to fish allows it. If the water is on private property be sure to ask for permission before entering their property to fish.

How to Find Local Areas for Fishing

To find places to fish in your state or city a great resource is your state’s department of wildlife and fisheries website. Every state has a department dedicated to wildlife management and will have a list of locations for people to fish. To find your state’s website check out our fishing license price chart which links to every state’s site.

How do I find fish once I get to the water?

We have a great guide for locating fish quickly. It covers the 3 steps pro anglers use to find bass as fast as possible. Learning these steps will greatly improve your efficiency so you can spend more time catching fish and less time searching.