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4 Tips for Becoming a Better Caster

  1. The key to becoming a good caster, whether you are using a spinning or casting rod is to let the cast come from your wrist. Most people cast with their arms thinking it will give them more power and the ability to cast further, but that isn’t the case. When you cast with your wrist you will have more control of your motion.
  2. Learn to cast both left and right-handed. When you have the ability to switch hands to cast it opens you up to so many more opportunities to make a good cast. There are often times when you need to cast from a different side of the boat, around a co-angler, or even just aproaching cover from a different angle.
  3. Learn to feather your spool effectively. Both baitcasters and spinning reels give you the ability to feather your line. Knowing how much or little pressure to apply to your reel is key to landing your bait where you want it. Not only will it help with accuracy but it will also allow you to hit your target quietly. A quiet entry is a big deal when fishing shallow.
  4. You can’t expect to be a good caster without practicing. Casting is such a huge part of fishing. Poor casting can lead to getting hung up more, bad backlash, and just not being able to cast where fish are. Spending a bit of time practicing your casting at home will go a long way in making your time on the water more enjoyable. Once you can cast accuratly and quietly you will catch so many more fish, especially if you fish shallow water.

Improving your casting abilities is one of the easiest and cheepest way to become a better angler.

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