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Best Texas Rig Hooks

There are multiple styles of hooks that will work with a texas rig. Some popular options are straight shank hooks, offset hooks, and wide gap hooks.

Best Finesse Texas Rig Hooks:

Best Heavy Cover Texas Rig Hooks:

Types of Texas Rig Hooks

  • Straight Shank
  • Offset
  • Wide Gap

One of the main differences between these hooks is the angle the hook point sticks out.

Straight Shank Hooks

A straight shank hook comes out at a 30 degree angle when texas rigged. This has it’s advantages and disadvantages.


  • High hookup ratio


  • Tears soft plastic baits easily
  • Gets hung up more often

Wide Gap Hooks

Wide gap and offset hooks will allow the bait to sit more flat against the hook point. I personally like to use wide gap (EXG) style hooks most of the time. The reason I tend to use EWG hooks the most is soft plastics tend to last longer on them. This has it’s advantages and disadvantages.


  • Lower hookup ratio


  • Soft plastic baits last longer
  • More weedless

Texas Rig Hook Size Chart

BaitsHook Size
Worms under 6″2/0
Lizards and 6″ Worms3/0
7″ – 8″ Worms4/0
Beaver and Craw Baits4/0
10″ or Larger Worms5/0
Creature and Flipping Baits5/0